5 best Roblox games for fans of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab

Have a look at these Roblox games if you loved the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab (Image via Sportskeeda)
Have a look at these Roblox games if you loved the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox and Fortnite are two of the top gaming platforms out there. One reason why fans love Fortnite is due to the entertainment and gaming franchises they collaborate with. Fortnite has recently increased the number of anime collaborations introduced in the game to keep the battle royale exciting and fun for the players.

Fortnite's collaboration with Naruto enthralled anime fans. It also spread rumors of them partnering with Dragon Ball Z. To the fans' pleasant surprise, Fortnite finally announced the collab on August 16, 2022, after all the teases and a month after their last anime collab.

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The official news of the BR title's collaboration with Dragon Ball has taken the gaming world by storm. Gamers are extremely excited about the release of the collaboration. They are calling it the ultimate crossover event of all time, considering the number of fans the Dragon Ball series has.

Even though this Dragon Ball Z collaboration with Fortnite will surely delight the fans, some players might end up craving more. Roblox has many games inspired by Dragon Ball Z and will surely be treasured by fans who love the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab.

This article talks about the five best games on Roblox that fans of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab would enjoy playing.

Note: The listed games are not ranked in any order and are subjective to the writer's opinion.

5 of the best games on Roblox for fans of Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab

1) Dragon Blox


Dragon Blox, formerly known as Super Saiyan Simulator 2 on Roblox, is an experience that will have the players become a character of Saiyan origin from Dragon Ball. The game consists of players training their hardest in the Dragon Ball universe to achieve the ultimate motive of becoming the strongest out there and ascending towards power and strength every time they train.

The Roblox game is also very hands-on as players can customize everything about their character, ranging from their hairstyle to their face and clothing to their body size; there are endless possibilities. Gamers can create a character entirely according to their liking. They may create their characters in-game similar to the established characters before setting foot in the world of Dragon Ball to train.

Players in this Roblox experience may test themselves through solitary training, fighting the various NPCs scattered throughout the map of the game, or may even participate in a fight with other players in-game. Whatever one does to train themselves, they are sure to evolve their abilities and become the most powerful Super Saiyan in Roblox Dragon Blox.

2) Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse


The Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse was created by DB_Dev, released in 2018, and updated recently in 2022. The game was formerly known as Dragon Ball 3. Although the game's story is pending and updates are expected, Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse has made itself stand out from the other games.

Players love the game despite it being a demo due to the enormous amount of potential in the game's story and its exploration and combat. Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse offers high-quality animations, allows the players to create their own characters, and provides immersive combat.

The Roblox experience delivers gamers a completely authentic roleplaying game with a story set in the Dragon Ball universe. Currently, the game is temporarily unavailable as the developer is polishing it, preparing for the story's completion, and making it ready for release. Dragon Ball Xeno Multiverse should be available to be enjoyed by fans by the end of this month (August 2022).

3) Dragon Ball Warriors


Ludens Studio released Roblox Dragon Ball Warriors in 2019. It is one of the most loved Dragon Ball Z-inspired games as it gives players an excellent opportunity to explore the vast Dragon Ball world with their own characters. Dragon Ball Warriors also has a character creator, just like Dragon Blox.

The character creator is very diverse and has a variety of hairstyles, ensembles, and more. It also features a color wheel to give the player's avatar a fantastic customized Ki. In the Dragon Ball world, players can expect to come across dedicated replicas of the famous and fan-favorite scenes and places from Dragon Ball Z, such as Radit'z landing site, Kame House, and the Cell Games Arena.

As Roblox players carry on playing the game and progress further, they get opportunities to build their stats in their favorite areas, strike with their dummies, and battle with other players while also honing their skills. Players can also play alongside their friends in Dragon Ball Warriors and have a friendly match. The Roblox game is an immersive, fun-filled experience for the franchise's fans.

4) Dragon Ball RP


Roblox Dragon Ball RP is a game for fans of Dragon Ball Z who prefer story simulation and combat over the other types of Dragon Ball Z games that focus on PvP. The gaming experience was curated by JustGolden and appeals to RPG lovers in Roblox's player base.

The game, just like other Dragon Ball Z-inspired games on Roblox, consists of a vast and extensive map, and by the use of thorough guidelines, ensures that all the players in the game have a fun roleplaying experience with each other. Dragon Ball RP is easily one of the top Dragon Ball Z roleplaying games available on the platform.

The title recreates the iconic set pieces and characters inspired by the Dragon Ball Z anime. The game also offers an endless variety of accessories, attacks, morphs, and forms from many races in the anime. Like other franchise games on the platform, Dragon Ball RP offers a rigorous character creator, where users may create their own character as they desire by mixing and matching different forms, hairstyles, and items.

5) Dragon Ball Tycoon


Roblox Dragon Ball Tycoon is unlike the rest of the franchise games on the platform. Most of these games focus on creating a smooth and immersive fighting gaming experience in the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball Tycoon is the go-to game for those players who want a break from PvP and PvE-heavy gameplay.

The title might also be the right game for those users who do not like indulging in complex combat with a lot of controls and prefer a simple gameplay experience, and are fans of tycoon-like games where one can do their own thing. Roblox Dragon Ball Tycoon allows players to choose a tycoon around their favorite character in the anime.

Gamers can now build their droppers and cash supplies as their favorite characters to unlock power-ups and cool weapons to defend themselves from other players or to be a step ahead of them and attack them first. Although the game is more on the simpler side when it comes to objectives and scenery, it is worth a play for players who enjoy tycoon-styled games and fans of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab.

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