6 current WWE Superstars' exes: who are they dating now? 

Nikki Bella with Artem Chigvintsev (left) and John Cena (right)
Nikki Bella with Artem Chigvintsev (left) and John Cena (right)

Almost all current WWE Superstars have been in several romantic relationships. Some of them have previously dated fellow wrestlers. However, when these superstars' relationships fell apart, they moved on and started seeing other people.

Their former partners also did the same. After their split, some of these WWE Superstars' exes entered romantic relationships with other wrestlers. Meanwhile, a few have found love with people outside the wrestling business.

Here are six current WWE Superstars' exes and who they are dating now.

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#6. Drew McIntyre's ex-wife Taryn Terrell

After finishing fourth in the 2007 Diva Search competition, Taryn Terrell (fka Tiffany) joined WWE. That same year, Drew McIntyre signed with the Stamford-based company after competing for a few years on the independent circuit in the United Kingdom.

In an interview with the Daily Record in 2010, The Scottish Warrior revealed that he and Terrell instantly clicked when they met:

"From the moment Taryn and I met just over a year ago, we clicked. It was a fantastic moment and our relationship has just got better and better."

After dating for a short while, the couple announced their engagement in July 2009. They then tied the knot in May the following year. However, their marriage ended about a year later as Terrell disclosed that she and McIntyre were getting divorced in May 2011.

McIntyre is currently married to Kaitlyn Frohnapfel. His second wife is a doctor and has never worked in the wrestling business.

Meanwhile, Terrell has also married another man who is not a wrestler. McIntyre's ex-wife's new husband is motorcyclist and stuntman Joseph Dryden. The couple tied the knot in 2015 and now have a daughter together.

#5. Carmella's ex-boyfriend W. Morrissey

W. Morrissey with Carmella (left) and Lexy Nair (right)
W. Morrissey with Carmella (left) and Lexy Nair (right)

In 2011, W. Morrissey (fka Big Cass) signed with WWE. Two years later, Carmella also joined the company. The two wrestlers debuted together on NXT in 2014. While working together, Morrissey and Carmella hit it off and started dating.

In 2016, Carmella moved from NXT to SmackDown. Meanwhile, her then-boyfriend joined the Monday Night RAW roster. In an interview with The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast in 2017, Morrissey disclosed that he and Carmella struggled to see each other while working on separate brands:

"We never see [each other]. We see each other one-and-a-half days a week! I think we’re the only couple on [WWE] TV that isn’t on the same brand if I’m correct. I’m almost 100% sure that that’s the case. Yeah, so we’re the only ones. It’s tough. We see each other one-and-a-half days a week. We talk about everything but wrestling. We try not to talk about wrestling. It’s just too much. Yeah, we try to stay as far away from it as possible." [H/T: EWrestling]

In 2018, Carmella and Morrissey split and went their separate ways. Nearly a year later, the former SmackDown Women's Champion started dating color commentator Corey Graves. Last April, the couple tied the knot.

Meanwhile, WWE released Morrissey from his contract nearly six months after his breakup with Carmella. He has since competed on the independent circuit and with promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling.

Around April 2021, the 35-year-old entered a new romantic relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page's step-daughter Lexy Nair. She is currently an AEW correspondent.

#4. Ricochet's ex-girlfriends Tessa Blanchard and Katana Chance

Over the past few years, Ricochet has dated a few wrestlers, including Tessa Blanchard and Katana Chance. His relationship with Blanchard started before he joined WWE and ended soon after he signed with the company.

Meanwhile, the high-flyer began dating Chance in 2018. In an interview with the Chasing Glory podcast, Ricochet revealed how he and the current NXT Women's Tag Team Champion first met:

"We actually came in the exact same class and started the same day. She was always so nice and kind, and helpful to everybody in any way that she could be, and that was something that I had always admired about her."

After dating for about three years, the couple split in 2021. Richochet has since moved on and started dating SmackDown ring announcer Samantha Irvin. Meanwhile, Chance is also now in a relationship with a man named Naoufal Abouelhouda.

Ricochet's ex-girlfriend Tessa Blanchard is also currently in another relationship. The former IMPACT World Champion is now married to fellow wrestler Daga.

#3. Alexa Bliss' ex-fiancé Buddy Matthews

Buddy Matthews with Rhea Ripley (left) and Alex Bliss (right)
Buddy Matthews with Rhea Ripley (left) and Alex Bliss (right)

While working together on NXT, Alexa Bliss and Buddy Matthews (fka Buddy Murphy) fell in love and started dating. They remained together for about two years before getting engaged in 2016.

In an interview with Gorilla Position in April 2017, Bliss disclosed that her move from NXT to SmackDown in July 2016 had forced her and Matthews to postpone their wedding:

"So we got engaged over a year ago. (...) So we're going to set this date and then I ended up being moved to SmackDown, which was amazing. And so we're like 'All right, we'll push it to this date.' And then with our traveling weeks to see each other seven days a week and work together six days a week, because I was partnered with Blake and Murphy, and now we see each other maybe six hours a week. (...) It's so hard (to organize a wedding over FaceTime)," she said. (6:20 - 7:32)

However, in early 2018, the two superstars called off their engagement and went their separate ways.

Following her breakup with Matthews, Bliss entered a new relationship with musician Ryan Cabrera. Nearly four months ago, the couple tied the knot. Meanwhile, her ex-fiancé recently revealed that he is now dating WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley.

#2 & #1. Dolph Ziggler and John Cena's ex-girlfriend, WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella with Dolph Ziggler (left), Artem Chigvintsev (middle), and John Cena (right)
Nikki Bella with Dolph Ziggler (left), Artem Chigvintsev (middle), and John Cena (right)

During her early days in WWE, Nikki Bella dated fellow superstar Dolph Ziggler. Their relationship reportedly started around 2008. However, the couple split a couple of years later.

In 2012, Bella began dating another WWE Superstar, John Cena. The couple were friends for several years before they decided to turn their friendship into a romance.

After dating for about five years, Cena and Bella got engaged in 2017 after The Leader of the Cenation proposed to the former Divas Champion inside the ring at WrestleMania 33. Nevertheless, they called off their engagement in April 2018, a month before their wedding.

Cena later married Canadian engineer Shay Shariatzadeh in 2020. Meanwhile, Bella has also moved on and is currently engaged to her former Dancing with the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev. The couple welcomed their first child in July 2020.

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