Naomi and 7 other current WWE women who are married to fellow superstars

Naomi with Jimmy Uso (left) and Jinny with Gunther (right)
Naomi with Jimmy Uso (left) and Jinny with Gunther (right)

Several female WWE Superstars are currently in romantic relationships with former co-workers. Mandy Rose, for example, is now dating former NXT star Tino Sabbatelli. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair recently tied the knot with former United States Champion Andrade El Idolo.

A few other WWE women are now married to current superstars. While some of these couples first met outside of WWE, others fell in love with each other while working together in Vince McMahon's company.

Here are eight current WWE Women who are married to fellow superstars.

#8. Naomi

Naomi with her husband Jimmy Uso
Naomi with her husband Jimmy Uso

In 2009, Jimmy Uso and his brother Jey signed with WWE. That same year, Naomi also joined Vince McMahon's company. Jimmy and Naomi then met while training at the Performance Center.

In an interview with MTV, Jimmy recalled his first encounter with the former SmackDown Women's Champion:

"We met at the school where we trained. At the first time she walked in, so my dad wrestles, so I heard she was a fan of my dad (...) I walked up to her I was like 'Yo, you ever heard of Rikishi?' She was like 'Yeah! (...) 'Man, I can't stand that dude, he is like one of the worst wrestlers. That dude sucks.' And she kinda just looked at me and she just walked off. At the practice, I walked up to her and 'Yo man, I was just trying to do small talk. You know, that's my dad. I heard you were a fan of his, so I'm here, I just wanna introduce myself.' She is like 'Well, you should've just said that instead of saying all that stupid s***."

Despite this, the two later hit it off and started dating. In January 2014, Jimmy and Naomi tied the knot. Earlier this year, they celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary.

Jimmy Uso is now one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions alongside his brother Jey. Meanwhile, Naomi and her tag team partner Sasha Banks walked out during the May 16 episode of Monday Night RAW. They have since been suspended and stripped of the Women's Tag Team Titles.

#7. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch with her husband, Seth Freakin' Rollins
Becky Lynch with her husband, Seth Freakin' Rollins

Despite initially wanting to avoid getting romantically involved with her co-workers, Becky Lynch started dating Seth Rollins in early 2019. Later that same year, the couple announced their engagement.

The Man and The Visionary welcomed their first daughter, Roux, in December 2020. About six months later, the couple tied the knot.

Celebrating their first anniversary, Lynch posted a few photos from the couple's wedding on her Instagram account. In the caption, she dubbed Rollins "the greatest man she had ever known."

"One year ago I married the greatest man I've ever known. @wwerollins," she wrote.

Lynch and Rollins are currently active on Monday Night RAW. Next Saturday, Big Time Becks will challenge Bianca Belair for the RAW Women's Championship at SummerSlam.

While her husband was going to face Riddle that same night, the match was postponed after The Original Bro suffered an injury last Monday on RAW.

#6. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks with her husband, Sarath Ton
Sasha Banks with her husband, Sarath Ton

Before joining WWE, Sasha Banks competed for a few years on the independent circuit, where she first met Sarath Ton (fka Mikaze). As the two worked together, they developed feelings for each other and started dating.

In an interview with Charly Caruso, The Boss recalled her disastrous first date with Ton:

"His nose was running and I was like 'oh my god, your nose is running' because the soup was so hot. And I think I had like a hair on my chest, and he grabbed it and I was like 'dude, you are a little too forward. I don't know what I feel about you' and he was like 'I'm sorry, I'm just so nervous.'"[0:25 - 0:40]

Despite this, the two fell in love and dated for several years. They then tied the knot in 2016.

While Banks has been working in WWE since 2012, her husband joined the company in 2015. Nevertheless, his run on NXT prematurely ended when he suffered a career-ending injury in his first match. He then retired and became a WWE costume designer.

Alongside Naomi, Banks walked out during RAW on May 16. The company has since suspended her. Although some reports have suggested that the 30-year-old has already been released, this information remains unconfirmed.

#5. Carmella

Carmella with her husband Corey Graves
Carmella with her husband Corey Graves

In early 2019, Carmella started dating current RAW color commentator Corey Graves. The 38-year-old was reportedly still going through his divorce proceedings at the time.

However, Graves and Carmella's relationship became controversial when Corey's ex-wife accused him of cheating on her with the former SmackDown Women's Champion. Some fans also criticized Carmella, calling her a homewrecker. The 34-year-old then addressed these accusations on an episode of Total Divas:

"I'm uncomfortable. I feel like everyone is staring at me. I feel like everyone is judging me. It's just crazy that they're coming after me, but for him it's like, 'Oh cool, Corey Graves got with Carmella, good for him.' It's like the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with I don't even know how to deal with it because I've never been through anything like this. All I know is like I love him and like he loves me and we're happy. I didn't do anything wrong. I know in my heart I didn't break up a family. I would never do something like that."

After dating for about three years, Carmella and Graves announced their engagement in October 2021. Last April, the couple tied the knot.

#4. WWE RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair

After signing with Vince McMahon's company in April 2016, Bianca Belair first met Montez Ford, who had joined WWE a year earlier.

In an interview with Chasing Glory in 2020, the current RAW Women's Champion disclosed that she had an immediate crush on the former United States Marine. She also stated that they had an instant connection:

"I had an immediate crush on him, but he got hurt for a while and he disappeared for a little while, for a couple months when I first started, but it was kind of just – it was just an immediate connection and we kind have been inseparable ever since," she said. (H/T: Wrestle Zone)

In 2017, Ford and Belair announced their engagement. About a year later, the couple tied the knot.

While Belair will defend her title against Becky Lynch at SummerSlam, Ford and his Street Profits partner Angelo Dawkins will go head-to-head against The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

#3. Natalya

Natalya with her husband TJ Wilson (fka Tyson Kidd)
Natalya with her husband TJ Wilson (fka Tyson Kidd)

About two decades ago, Natalya and TJ Wilson (fka Tyson Kidd) started their romantic relationship. The couple dated for nearly 12 years before tying the knot in 2013. Their wedding was even featured on WWE's reality show Total Divas.

In an interview with Yahoo! life, the former SmackDown Women's Champion spoke about her relationship with her husband, disclosing that they have built a beautiful life together from scratch:

"[We] started together with absolutely nothing and we built everything together. Now we have such a beautiful life. We built our relationship together and it feels good because we fell in love having nothing. I don't think T.J. had $100 to his name when I fell in love with him and I was working as a waitress. Now it feels so good to share the fruits of our labor when we started with nothing, so that's why I appreciate it so much. I appreciate every trip to Louis Vuitton."

Although Wilson is currently retired, he still works in WWE as a producer. Meanwhile, his wife is an active competitor on SmackDown.

#2. WWE Chairwoman and Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon

While working with Triple H on the McMahon-Helmsley storyline, Stephanie McMahon fell in love with The Game. The couple then started dating in 2000.

Although Stephanie's father, Vince McMahon, initially gave them his blessing, he later took it away. Hence, they separated for ten months before their love brought them back together. Triple H detailed their hurdles in his book, "Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body":

"As for Steph and me, we tried to adhere to Vince's wishes and cool it off, but after a while it just didn't work. It was too late to stop. We were in love. We ended up getting back together after about ten months."

After dating for about three years, Triple H and Stephanie tied the knot in 2003. They now have three daughters together.

Stephanie's father recently retired from WWE. She is now the new WWE Chairwoman and Co-CEO alongside Nick Khan. Meanwhile, Triple H recently returned to his former position as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. He also became the new Head of Creative.

#1. Jinny

Jinny with her husband, Intercontinental Champion Gunther
Jinny with her husband, Intercontinental Champion Gunther

In 2018, Jinny officially signed with Vince McMahon's company and joined NXT UK. About a year later, Gunther joined the same brand after competing on the independent circuit for several years.

In 2021, the two wrestlers apparently started dating. Their relationship came to light last November after they shared photos together on their Instagram stories. Gunther and Jinny seemingly tied the knot a few days ago.

Jinny had not competed on NXT UK since November 18, 2021, when she defeated Amale via pinfall. Meanwhile, Gunther is currently active on SmackDown, where he now holds the Intercontinental Championship.