Shortest WWE Superstars of all Time

The Shortest WWE Superstars of all-time have piqued fan interest over the years. Tzuki is the Shortest WWE Superstar of all-time.

The Shortest WWE Superstars of all-time have done much more than simply providing comic relief in the WWE matches that are characterised by high-risk maneuvers and monumental clashes. These WWE Superstars have often found themselves in pivotal storylines, as evidenced by one of the most popular little people, Hornswoggle, who played a key role in angles with Vince McMahon and the WWE’s flagship show Monday Night RAW.


Tzuki, a 42 year old Mexican Luchador, briefly performed for the WWE back in 2005-06. Tzuki is often billed as 3’7” but is said to be 3.60 feet tall.

Tzuki competed in the ‘Junior Division’ of WWE, which was brand-exclusive to SmackDown. Tzuki was famously one of the 4 little people attacked by Finlay during a Tag Team match on SmackDown, which saw the latter attack the small Superstars on purpose to make a statement and forward his storyline at the time.

Furthermore, Tzuki also competed at a WWE Velocity taping, losing to Mascarita Sagrada. The WWE shut down its Junior Division in March of 2006, following which Tzuki parted ways with the promotion.

The Macho Midget aka Claude Giroux is perhaps best known for his time as Doink The Clown’s sidekick Dink The Clown.

Additionally, one of the Shortest WWE Superstars of all-time, Giroux also reprised the miniature versions of several popular WWE Superstars including ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage. The Macho Midget is billed at 4’0” tall.

Another one of the Shortest WWE Superstars of all-time, El Torito aka Mascarita Dorada, performed for the promotion from 2013-16. Despite being billed as 4’5” tall, Giroux is said to be around 4.39 feet only.

Moving on to perhaps the most popular Shortest WWE Superstar of all-time, Hornswoggle aka Dylan Postl, who performed for the WWE from 2006-16. The 31 year old is billed at 4’5” tall.

The Shortest WWE Superstars of all-time have been featured in several pro-wrestling angles, and served to break barriers in the world of sports-entertainment. The WWE believes in the theory that any and every performer should be respected and accorded a place in the business, irrespective of their size.

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