Indian Women's Basketball: Stats from 2011 FIBA Asia Championship

India played against Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), China, Korea, Japan, and Lebanon in the preliminary stages of the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship for Women. All but Lebanon were opponents on uneven footing with India, and India lost to all of them. Worth mentioning that we are in the 1st group here and have maintained our standing in this division with a 66-60 victory over Malaysia in the playoff round.

Here are the final scores from the first five matches:vs Taiwan- 81-53vs China- 87-38vs Korea- 83-47vs Japan- 79-51vs Lebanon- 71-52

Here are the individual stats from the total six games India played in this tournament:

India will remain in the top group, having avoided relegation with a close victory over Malaysia. Prashanti Singh made a couple of drives in the final minutes and was assisted by Geethu and Bharti on the same to allow India to maintain their spot in this group.

Here are the stats from that game:

Anitha- 23 pts, 5 assists, 4 steals.Geethu- 18 pts, 10 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocks.Prashanti- 14 pts and 6 boards, including the last 4 pts when we were up 2.Bharti- 7 pts, 3 assists.Akanksha- 2 pts, 5 assists and 1 steal.Shireen- 2 pts.Kokila- 4 boards in 11 mins.

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