One Piece Chapter 1059: Seraphim origins teased, Kuja royalty revealed, and more 

Shakky and Silvers Rayleigh steal the show in One Piece Chapter 1059 (Image via Toei Animation)
Shakky and Silvers Rayleigh steal the show in One Piece Chapter 1059 (Image via Toei Animation)

With the arrival of the issue’s unofficial release, it seems the exciting One Piece Chapter 1059 summary spoilers were indeed accurate. Although nothing can be confirmed until One Piece Chapter 1059 is officially released, all signs are indeed pointing to the shocking developments made in the issue being true.

One Piece Chapter 1059 has certainly gotten fans talking, with a star-studded set of pages featuring plenty of cameos from a myriad of fan favorites. Beloved characters such as Marco, Shanks, Yamato, and Koby all appear in the action-packed One Piece Chapter 1059.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the unofficial release of One Piece Chapter 1059.

One Piece Chapter 1059 majorly shakes up series’ world as consequences of Shichibukai disbandment become clear

One Piece Chapter 1059: Familiar faces and a flashback to Wano

One Piece Chapter 1059 begins featuring a cover story, showing Charlotte Oven and Charlotte Katakuri fighting each other due to Caesar Clown’s hallucinogenic gas.

The current cover story deals with the fallout from Whole Cake Island’s events as it pertains to Germa 66, Caesar Clown, and those Big Mom Pirates who did not go to Wano.

One Piece Chapter 1059 begins its story content showing “a solitary ship upon the ocean” near Sphinx Island, Whitebeard’s homeland. A transformed Marco is seen flying away from the ship, thanking the ship’s crew for the ride.

Their captain asks him if he’s really not going to join the crew, to which the former Whitebeard Pirate says he’s too old and worn out to play babysitter for “you great pirates.”

It is then revealed that the ship is the Red Force, and its crew and captain the Red Hair Pirates and Red-Haired Shanks himself. Shanks responds to Marco, saying that he’s not a handful or anything, and asking Vice-Captain Benn Beckman to back him up.

However, he says he can’t, causing the crew and Marco to laugh as the latter flies away and says goodbye.

This segues into a flashback to Wano during the celebratory festival held after Luffy and Zoro awoke. Luffy is seen talking to Yamato, asking if they’re seriously not going to join the Straw Hats and come with them.

Yamato responds by pointing out that, as Luffy knows, Admiral Ryokugyu was only deterred by a third-party’s use of their impressive Conqueror’s Haki.

They continue that, while Kaido is gone, his absence has opened up the floodgates for enemies such as Ryokugyu to flood into the country, saying they can’t just abandon everyone.

Yamato says that even if they did come along, neither they nor Luffy would enjoy the adventures at hand if they’re constantly worrying about Wano.

Luffy agrees as Yamato expresses how badly they want to be “a real crewmate,” as Luffy says he’ll leave Momonosuke and the others to them.

Zoro comments that Momonosuke has a lot of pride and Yamato should be careful not to wound it. They respond by saying that they are aware of that, before commenting on how they’ll find another reason to stay in Wano.

As Sanji laments Yamato’s decision not to join, Marco flies over the group, calling out to Luffy and saying goodbye since a nearby ship can give him a lift. After confirming his departure, Luffy thanks him for saving him during the Marineford War, saying he never got the chance to say thanks for such a big favor.

Marco instead turns his attention to Jinbe, commenting on how they all seemed so ready to spring into action to help Luffy. The Straw Hat helmsman simply laughs, saying it was a while ago, so who can really say what the reason was anymore.

Marco then tells Luffy he’s sure Ace would be proud to see him come this far, causing Luffy to smile and laugh.

As Marco departs Wano, he says that this is their era now, and that they should stay strong as they continue journeying. One Piece Chapter 1059 then ends its flashback and returns to the present, as Marco descends unto Sphinx Island.

One Piece Chapter 1059 then shifts perspective to Amazon Lily in the Calm Belt.

One Piece Chapter 1059: The war for the Isle of Women

On Amazon Lily, fans see the island with its massive snake monument mountain cut in half, with the right half completely gone. Boa Hancock is heard discussing how it’s the first time in Kuja history “men have invaded like this,” saying that the town is in bad shape. She also recognizes that as long as she lives there, the Navy won’t stop coming for her.

She then comments that since it’s come to this, she thinks she’d better go and marry Luffy while she still can. However, Gloriosa is nearby to berate her for this, saying she always thinks that as One Piece Chapter 1059 enters yet another flashback, taking readers to “a few weeks prior.”

Marine ships are seen invading Amazon Lily, with soldiers reporting that while the gates are down, the Kuja are resisting. Vice Admiral Yamakaji is seen commanding troops, commenting on how Hancock still isn’t ready to come out and face them.

Someone on the radio, meanwhile, says to deploy the Seraphims, the new Pacifista model, and to record what happens.

Marguerite and Sweet Pea are then seen fighting “a child,” with the latter saying their enemy has overwhelming strength. She also seems to recognize the child, silhouetted on this page, before it launches a Pacifista-like laser blast from their hand, also like the Pacifista do.

A Marine soldier is then seen saying they spotted a warship, as they recognize the pirate crew to be that of Blackbeard’s fleet. Seaquakes which happen shortly thereafter indicate Blackbeard’s arrival, confirmed on the same page as well as showing that Vasco Shot and Catarina Devon have come.

Blackbeard says he’s come for Hancock, saying he won’t let a power like hers fall into the Marines’ hands. Devon, meanwhile, applauds her beauty and expresses a desire to keep her head for a trophy after the fight.

Blackbeard says she can do what she wants once the Fruit is secured, but Vasco Shot suggests capturing her alive since it would be “more fun.”

Vice Admiral Yamakaji is seen being asked to give the order to engage Blackbeard, but he asks them to wait for orders from HQ as Blackbeard launches an earthquake in their direction.

Blackbeard demands that Hancock come out, as perspective on the island shifts to Koby, who says he’s not surprised that other pirates want to target the former Shichibukai.

Koby offers to leave immediately with no further harm if Hancock surrenders herself, with her sisters Sandersonia and Marigold stepping in to shut the deal down. Hancock, however, says she’ll never submit to another’s captivity, preparing to fight Koby and the Marines as her sisters try to persuade her otherwise.

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 1059 returns to Blackbeard, showing his crew asking for help against what they call an invincible enemy. Blackbeard begins recognizing the Lunarian features of the Seraphim, such as their white hair, brown skin, and black wings.

This would seemingly suggest that he’s knowledgeable of the Lunarian race, both in how to spot them and how powerful they are.

As the child Seraphim rushes Blackbeard, who mocks his crew for losing, he sees the PX insignia on the Seraphim’s chest, correctly deducing it as a Pacifista model. As this happens, the Seraphim swings his sword down at Blackbeard, cleaving the mountain snake monument of the island in two in the process.

Blackbeard is able to block the Seraphim’s second attack while he questions what’s happening and how huge it is. He then uses his Black Hole ability to swallow the Seraphim and everything else in the area whole, as One Piece Chapter 1059 brings viewers back to Hancock versus Koby.

The Snake Princess is seen using her Slave Arrow technique, turning all the Marines around her into stone, including Helmeppo and Vice Admiral Yamakaji. A nearby Seraphim is seen attacking, but Koby orders it to stop since it might smash the statues of those who’ve been turned to stone.

Hancock tries to take advantage of the distraction to hit Koby with a Perfume Femur, but Blackbeard intercepts by her throat mid-attack. With Blackbeard using his Fruit, she can’t use her Fruit powers, resulting in her helplessly being captured as Blackbeard reveals his intentions.

As this happens, their bounties are revealed to be 1.659 billion Beri for Hancock, and 3.996 billion Beri for Blackbeard. After learning the latter desires her Devil Fruit powers, the former argues that her beauty is what makes the Fruit so formidable. She says that if she dies, all of those turned to stone will remain so forever, even if the next user tries to release them.

Koby says that Hancock is far trickier than anyone thought, as he suspected, while Blackbeard comments how the three, including Koby, are at an impasse. Blackbeard calls Koby “Hero” here, referencing the two’s involvement at Rocky Port.

It’s revealed that their collaboration allowed him to defeat Wang Zhi, formerly of the Rocks Pirates, and take over Pirate Island, also called Fullalead Island, as a result. Blackbeard then turns to Koby, asking if he thinks Hancock will play nice and turn everyone back to normal if he lets her go.

Koby points out that it’d be a headache for him if she didn’t, with Hancock promising to do so once they both leave the island. Blackbeard, however, says he doesn’t buy it, tightening his grip and suggesting that she’d simply turn them to stone as soon as she’s free. He then reveals his belief that no man can resist her powers, before electing to kill him since the situation is confusing.

In a scene extremely reminiscent of Marineford, Koby cries out for Blackbeard to stop and not throw lives away as a certain notorious pirate arrives. Commenting on his shock at how much damage the Marines’ siege did to the island, Silvers Rayleigh arrives, apologizing to Hancock for being late.

Rayleigh approaches Blackbeard, sword in hand, calling him “Whitebeard’s old apprentice” while saying that he doesn’t like Blackbeard, even if it is immature to say. Blackbeard looks on with genuine fear in his eyes, while Koby, Hancock, and others seem shocked at his unforeseen arrival.

The Dark King then plays mediator, telling Hancock to release everyone turned to stone while saying he’ll ensure the situation is defused without issue. He then commands that all invaders will leave the island and that he won’t allow any “funny business,” as One Piece Chapter 1059 ends its flashback and returns readers to Amazon Lily in the present.

One Piece Chapter 1059: A shocking royal reveal in the wake of war

In the present day, Rayleigh expresses how glad he is that Hancock was able to survive that, with his wife Shakky saying it was thanks to him. She continues that progress causes new problems, referencing how the Marines are now able to enter and navigate the Calm Belt with their Sea Prism Stone paddle-ships.

As Gloriosa comments on how she thought they were done for between the Marines’ new weapons and Blackbeard’s arrival, fans see an intro for Shakky appear.

It’s revealed here that Shakuyaku is the former empress of Amazon Lily from two generations prior, as well as being an ex-Captain of the Kuja Pirates, which Hancock now heads.

Rayleigh frankly says that they got lucky, thanking the circumstances and letting him settle the issue with only his reputation. He continues that he’s gotten so old, he doubts he could win in a one-on-one fight against Blackbeard nowadays.

He continues that it seems as if the Seraphim are the World Government’s answer to replacing the Shichibukai in the Three Great Powers.

Sandersonia and Sweet Pea, meanwhile, comment on how after all that fighting, the two Seraphim who were present didn’t have a single scratch on them. It’s then revealed that the Seraphim Sweet Pea saw looked exactly like Hancock did when she was younger, with the only difference being the aforementioned Lunarian characteristics as well as star-shaped pupils.

In One Piece Chapter 1059’s final panels, fans see a Marine ship reporting their imminent docking status at Egghead Port. The person speaking is then seen discussing that Koby has been abducted by Blackbeard, with his current status being totally unknown. One Piece Chapter 1059 does not announce a break week for the series’ upcoming issue.

One Piece Chapter 1059: In summation

Overall, One Piece Chapter 1059 is an incredibly exciting issue, filled with cameos and all sorts of new information. Easily at the top of that list is the news of Koby’s capture, which could perhaps parlay into other information about SWORD being disclosed.

Former Admiral Aokiji is a Blackbeard Pirate affiliate, after all, making Koby’s capture the perfect opportunity to reintroduce him as a SWORD member.

One Piece Chapter 1059’s revelation of Shakky being a former empress of Amazon Lily added further hype and intrigue to the issue. The reveal also explains how Rayleigh was able to find Amazon Lily after the Marineford War, as well as why he was always so friendly with the Kuja.

Fans are praising the choice here, as giving previously established characters more weight in the series is always welcome to fans.

Finally, the introduction of the Seraphim and their Lunarian Characteristics is one of the most popularly discussed aspects of One Piece Chapter 1059. While unclear exactly how the World Government obtained Lunarian DNA, the flashback being from weeks prior to the contemporary series indicates that they did not collect it from a defeated King at Onigashima.

This could indicate other surviving Lunarians present in the world of One Piece.

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