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NBA: 10 Most Valued Current 2nd Round Picks

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Who's No. 1 on this list?
Who's No. 1 on this list?

In one of the most competitive sporting leagues in the world - predicting the superstars of the future is an everyday business. General Managers will scheme, scouts will travel the world, owners will pump in millions of dollars and teams will tank unapologetically - all in the hopes of landing a player who can carry the franchise to glory on his shoulders. In this commotion of talent evaluation and calculated gambling, it is often the high draft picks who are the most highly prized; they tend to command big eyeballs and bigger contracts.

However, in sports, nothing beats a good underdog story. The fans are always willing to create a little extra poster space on their bedroom walls, to commemorate the deeds of the unheralded. In the NBA, once in a while, a special talent from the second tier often takes center-stage. In other words, a second-round draft pick (the embodiment of an underdog) decides to ensure that his name is not forgotten among the long list of athletes who have run the NBA race. In 2017, there are already a handful of second-round standouts from the years past, who have established their importance upon various teams. Without further ado, this is a ranking of the second round picks who shoulder the greatest responsibility during the current season.

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