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10 Highest Individual scores in NBA Playoffs History

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Before we begin with the list, let us recall how the series works ahead. Every team needs to participate in 82 regular season games. 16 winning teams out of 30 take part in further matches. Then the 8 teams battle for the Larry O'Brien Trophy, which takes part in a series of 7-games.

Now let’s consider the ‘Playoffs’. Here we get to see power, passion and intensity hovering over the players, as well as the fans. There were many instances where we have witnessed tremendous influence over the court, where players have displayed their real potential, and the blaze only seems to be increasing with time.

NBA Playoffs carves a way to the world champions. Here, the top eight teams belonging to the Eastern and Western conferences compete against one another on the best of seven elimination matches. This game proceeded with ranking where the winning team advances and faces the other winning team finally reaching the final round. The losing teams have to drop out until next year NBA and strategies their revenge game plan!

NBA Playoffs are the final chance for the teams to prove their calibre. And the players have their chance to make good money. On the other hand, the NBA Playoff Odds of winning is extremely high, and anyone would love to take out the benefit from it. It starts off as predictions and contemplation on which player has the potential to win each conference titles and finally the championship crown. This is no doubt the most attractive thing for the fans, as well.

Moreover, it also marks the way to the most enjoyable games – the series. Here the players grab their chance of making brilliant monetary benefits. Not just that, they newbies are also discovered during these games, adding extra hype to the game and making it more unpredictable. And then it comes to the bettors and gamblers. There is money, there is an adrenaline rush, there is suspense, and there is an aspiration. Interesting isn’t it?

Analyzing the play-power of different players, we bring to you a list of the best single-game player performances in NBA Playoff. Read on and know how these legends created history. 

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