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10 Highest Paid NBA Players by Salaries

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Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers
Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers

The introduction of the concept of super-max contracts has given NBA franchises the ability to tie down players they've drafted themselves to the franchise for the extent of their physical primes, but the effects that these players' presence (or the lack of it) has on the team's fortunes is arguably much more than the amount that they're contracted for.

We've already brought to you a list of the best earners in the NBA in terms of total earnings from endorsements and salaries, so now we dissect their earnings further and categorize them by only their NBA wages in the article that follows:

#10 James Harden - $30.43 million

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards

One of the most recognizable players in the league, the Beard has gone from strength to strength through the course of his NBA career. Starting out as a 3-and-D energy guy off the bench in his rookie season for the Thunder, Harden blossomed into a franchise player and an offensive hub of sorts when traded to the Houston Rockets in the summer of 2012.

6 straight All-Star selections, 2 runner-up finishes and a win in the MVP voting later, no one would bat an eye when they take a look at his wage bill for the 2018-19 season, which stands at $30.43 million but still seems too low for a player who's commonly regarded as a top 5 offensive talent in the league.

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