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NBA: Top 10 Transition Scorers RIGHT NOW

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LeBron and Antetokounmpo are two of the best transition scorers in NBA right now, where do they rank in our list?
LeBron and Antetokounmpo are two of the best transition scorers in NBA right now, where do they rank in our list?

The opposition made a turnover, who do you give the ball to, to just go and make a play?

Which player can translate defense to offense in a matter of seconds?

That is the basic essence of transition offense.Often mentioned as fast break, it measures a player's ability to switch from defense to offense. In this space and pace era, transition offense is paramount. Rather than letting the defense of the opposition settle down, it is important to quickly score on the other side.

With that being said, let's count down the top 10 players in the NBA right now who are the best in turning defense into offense.

Notable Exclusions:

  1. Elfrid Payton- Just missed the cut
  2. John Wall- Has dropped off this year, struggling cause of injuries
  3. Kawhi Leonard- Still have to see how good he will be after coming back
  4. Bradley Beal- A great transition scorer, just not among the elites
  5. Jonathan Simmons- Efficient, and maybe will make the list next year if he keeps his efficiency along with increasing his ppg.

#10 Trevor Ariza - Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder
#1 Trevor Ariza

Transition Scoring Stats:

2017/18- 3.9 ppg on 57.8% shooting, 1.40 points per possession!

2016/17- 3.7 ppg on 46.1% shooting, 1.14 points per possession

We start our list with Trevor Ariza of the Houston Rockets. He is an athletic small forward who thrives in the open floor and has a more than decent 3-point shooting range which helps him keep his defender guessing.

He is basically a 3-and-D player kind of guy for the Rockets and he does his job pretty efficiently. His transition stats have improved significantly from the last year, which made us pick him over Elfrid Payton for the 10th spot. He is scoring 1.40 points per possession this year, which is completely bonkers.

He is one of the most important role players for the Rockets and will be in the possible series against the Golden State Warriors in the Playoffs.

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