2018-19 NBA All-Defensive Team: Power rankings for guards 

Toronto Raptors v Denver Nuggets
Toronto Raptors v Denver Nuggets

#3 Marcus Smart

Dallas Mavericks v Boston Celtics
Dallas Mavericks v Boston Celtics

How many players at or under 6'4" can legitimately claim to be able to guard 3 positions on the floor during clutch? Not many. Perhaps Marcus Smart is the only one who really does the job on such a regular basis.

'Cobra' displays the kind of hustle, determination and defensive focus that reminds fans of old-school basketball of a certain 5-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman. With his athleticism, ability to read plays and deflect passes and block passing lanes, as well as his sturdy 102 kg frame, Smart regularly takes up the small forward assignment when Brad Stevens puts him on the floor alongside Kyrie Irving and Rozier in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

Marcus 'Mahcus Smaht' Smart is the heart and soul of the Celtics, and he plays with a passion and a fire that sets the tone for the rest of the team to buy into playing defense. The Cs are once again a top defensive team in the league, ranking among the top 5 in all nba team defensive stats. He leads the ESPN's DRPM chart for point guards by an absurd 47% margin.

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