3 Areas where the Brooklyn Nets improved in the 2021 NBA offseason

Men's Basketball Medal Ceremony: Day 15
Men's Basketball Medal Ceremony: Day 15

The Brooklyn Nets had a solid offseason, adding the likes of Patty Mills, Paul Millsap and LaMarcus Aldridge to an already stacked roster. The Nets are overwhelming favorites to win the championship in the 2021-22 season, and in this article, we will take a look at the three areas they managed to improve in this summer.

Three areas where the Brooklyn Nets made significant upgrades this offseason

The Brooklyn Nets went all out in the summer of 2019, landing key free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. They followed it up by breaking the bank for 2018 MVP James Harden, and now have arguably the best squad in the league, which only the likes of the LA Clippers and LA Lakers can match up to.

#1 - The power forward/center position

Charlotte Hornets v Brooklyn Nets
Charlotte Hornets v Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets made major upgrades to the power forward position this offseason, adding NBA stalwarts LaMarcus Aldridge and Paul Millsap. Aldridge played a few games for the Nets last season itself, but had to take an unforeseen retirement due to his poor health condition. He is back with the Nets this year after un-retiring, joining on a veteran's minimum deal.

Aldridge will bring his immaculate post play to the Brooklyn Nets, and head coach Steve Nash will likely deploy him as a center because he likes to play small. Aldridge is a mid-range assassin and will give the franchise offensive versatility. On the defensive end, he can more than hold his own in the paint against power forwards and centers.

Millsap, on the other hand, has been brought in mainly for his defensive prowess and guile. He is also a capable rebounder, and his blend of experience and grit will help the Nets both on and off the court. Millsap will fill in for the void created by Jeff Green's departure, who was a major voice of reason in the Brooklyn Nets' locker room last season.

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#2 - Defense

Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers
Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers

The Brooklyn Nets were in danger of losing glue-guy Bruce Brown this offseason, but some brilliant work by the front office combined with the player's hunger to win a championship helped the team keep one of their key players. Pound for pound, Brown was the Nets' best defender last season, showing an incredible penchant for making hustle plays and defending players much bigger than him.

Brown is also versatile, to an extent where Nash has played him as a small-ball center. Add to that DeAndre' Bembry, who the Brooklyn Nets acquired this offseason, and the team has a couple of defensive specialists to go with the offensive power of their 'Big 3'.

The Brooklyn Nets have made a conscious attempt to improve on defense, and Steve Clifford's coming in as a consultant is proof of that. Clifford is a defensive maestro with a wealth of coaching experience, and combined with David Vanterpool, the duo are expected to work wonders with the Brooklyn Nets' defense.

#3 - Bench scoring

Australia v Slovenia Men's Basketball - Olympics: Day 15
Australia v Slovenia Men's Basketball - Olympics: Day 15

The Brooklyn Nets sent shockwaves through the league by signing veteran point guard Patty Mills this offseason, bolstering their relatively average bench in terms of offense. Mills will bring in important qualities both on and off the court, as the Australian international is revered for his ability to lead by example.

Mills averaged 10 points and 2 rebounds for the San Antonio Spurs last season, shooting close to 38% from downtown. He is a dead-eye shooter from 3-point range, and can be an annoying presence on the defensive side of the ball for opposition guards. Mills will likely be a backup to either James Harden or Kyrie Irving, and is expected to flourish in the bench minutes he gets per game for the Brooklyn Nets.

Rookie Cam Thomas, who was elected as the co-MVP of the Summer League, is also expected to see decent game time. Thomas is a pure scorer and will thrive in Steve Nash's free-flowing basketball setup.

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