3 improvements Donovan Mitchell must make to become a superstar 

Arhaan Raje

#2 Donovan Mitchell needs to improve his efficiency

Donovan Mitchell shoots the ball.
Donovan Mitchell shoots the ball.

Donovan Mitchell has averaged at least 20 points per game since his rookie season in the NBA. However, his efficiency as a shooter has been questionable. Mitchell has averaged a whopping 19.2 attempts per game from the floor. But he has only managed to convert 43.9% of those shots, something he needs to change.

If Mitchell works on being more clinical with his shot conversion, he could well be competing for a scoring title in the NBA. Players like Stephen Curry and Bradley Beal make roughly the same number of attempts as Mitchell. But their ability to at least convert 48-50% of their shots is what makes them some of the most lethal scorers in the league right now.

That obviously isn't the sole way Donovan Mitchell could become a superstar. But that could help him take giant strides towards becoming an MVP-caliber player.

An improvement in his efficiency could see Donovan Mitchell average 30 points per game per season. Players who produce at that rate do not find it very difficult to achieve superstar status. So this is certainly one area where Mitchell must improve to become a superstar in the NBA.

#1 Donovan Mitchell must step up as a leader

Donovan Mitchell in action during an NBA playoff game.
Donovan Mitchell in action during an NBA playoff game.

Donovan Mitchell played his heart out in the Utah Jazz's last two playoff campaigns. He added remarkable numbers and impressive stat-lines, but the Jazz still blew series' leads to bow out of the postseason early. Last season, the Jazz squandered another opportunity to make the Conference Finals.

They led 2-0 against the LA Clippers, who played the last two games of that series without their star player Kawhi Leonard. The Jazz weren't at 100% health either, but they were well placed to take the series even after the Clippers tied the contest at two games apiece.

Donovan Mitchell has been an exceptional performer. But he needs to become a locker room leader. Players who can take that up that responsibility achieve great things in the NBA. Mitchell will need to lead his team off the court to make sure they excel come playoff time.

The Utah Jazz's failures in the playoffs have played a key role in Mitchell not being renowned as a superstar. If he can lead them both on and off the court, it would be difficult to argue Donovan Mitchell's status as a superstar in the NBA.

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