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3 Things Anthony Davis will bring to the Los Angeles Lakers

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:28 IST

Will Anthony Davis turn out to be the greatest big man that LeBron James has played with in his career?
Will Anthony Davis turn out to be the greatest big man that LeBron James has played with in his career?

There has been a lot of talk and debate about Anthony Davis joining the Los Angeles Lakers and playing alongside one of the best players in the game, LeBron James. Many are of the opinion that this move will help LeBron get another ring and establish himself as the greatest, while others believe that this was a bad move by the Lakers in terms of what they gave up to acquire AD.

Having said that, there is no denying that Davis is a generational talent who will surely make the Lakers a contending team. So then, what can Anthony Davis bring to the Lakers to help them be better? Let's find out.

#1 Playoff Lakers

Since 2013, the Lakers have not been in the NBA Playoffs, which is a long time for a franchise as successful as them. The 2018-19 season was not so great for either AD or LeBron's, mainly due to injuries and a bad environment, but things are looking promising for the next season. With him and LeBron tired of losing, we will see some fired up Lakers next season.

#2 Motivation

Anthony Davis is really fed up with being in a "bad" team and losing all the time. This season, Davis averaged almost 26 points and 12 rebounds per game, playing in 56 out of the 82 regular season games. With the Lakers being his preferred destination, he will be more motivated than ever to compete for a ring and will hopefully motivate the other players into doing the same. Let's just hope Davis and LeBron click and have good chemistry, as it will be the main indicator of whether the season will be good or not for the Lakers.

#3 Elite big man

There is no denying that Davis belongs to the group of the most elite big men in the NBA. With his athleticism and knowledge of the game, he will be able to help the Lakers in an area that was not very well covered in the last season, the paint. Davis, being 26, is still a young guy and getting into his prime right now. His career averages are astronomical, with him recording a double-double throughout his whole career. Davis is also an elite rim protector, having averaged 2.4 blocks last season.

Davis will be able to contribute to the Lakers in a way that will make them a lot better, even though they lost some key players in this trade.

In conclusion, this move is great for the Lakers and might give Davis and James a shot at the championship, if the chemistry is right. Overall, Davis fits perfectly in the team and it is only left for us to wait and see what will happen from here.

Published 19 Jun 2019, 07:21 IST
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