3 things Devin Booker must do to become the greatest Phoenix Suns player of all-time

Devin Booker during the Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns game
Devin Booker during the Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns game

Devin Booker, along with Chris Paul, took the Phoenix Suns to the finals after beating incredible teams on their way to establishing themselves as NBA Championship contenders for the 2020-21 season.

The team has never won a championship but has won the Conference Finals a few times. Regardless of their lack of a ring, the Valley of the Suns has produced some of the most influential players in the league.

As of now, Charles Barkley and Steve Nash are the two best players in the Suns' history and will remain so for a few more seasons unless Devin Booker can dethrone them.

What should Devin Booker do to become the greatest Phoenix Suns player of all-time?

Devin Booker undoubtedly holds the potential to become the greatest Phoenix Suns player of all-time. But in order to earn this precious title, he must do the following three things:

#1 Win multiple MVP awards

The Most Valuable Player award is the highest individual accomplishment for a player. It takes a considerable amount of skill, will, and performance to even be considered for this award.

With the kind of competition in the league, players put their lives and souls into the game and are still unable to win the regular season MVP.

Take Devin Booker's Phoenix Suns teammate Chris Paul as an example. He is widely considered one of the greatest point guards of the 21st century. Aptly given the name of the Point God, he has led the league in assists four times and yet never won any MVP. That's how difficult it is to be an MVP.


The two players ahead of Booker, who played for the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash and Charles Barkley, have been the MVP's. Barkley won his first and only MVP in the 1992-93 regular season. He averaged 25.6 points and 12.2 rebounds per game that season.

Meanwhile, Nash is a proud winner of two back-to-back MVPs. He won his first in 2004-05 and the second in 2005-06.

For Devin Booker to establish himself as the best player to play for the Phoenix Suns, he needs to win at least one MVP. With his stats, he is already a capable contender but still needs better performances to become an unquestionable winner.

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#2 Lead the league in a stat line

Steve Nash #13 in Phoenix Suns colors
Steve Nash #13 in Phoenix Suns colors

For Devin Booker to become the greatest Phoenix Suns player of all time, he needs to cross a wall that may seem uncrossable to many. The thing about the NBA is that it holds players of such outlandish skills that it becomes overwhelmingly difficult for a player to lead any stat line.

In front of Booker stand two Phoenix Suns players that have led the league in stat lines. These are the same two players we have discussed in the previous category - Steve Nash and Charles Barkley. Sir Charles was a diminant rebounder averaging 11.7 rebounds in his career. He led the league in the 1986-87 season in rebounds.

Steve Nash, probably the greatest player to ever play for the Phoenix Suns, led the league in assists in five different seasons. For Devin Booker to beat that is at the moment an unimaginable feat. Nash is arguably the best point guard of the 21st century and arguably the best player to ever play for the Phoenix Suns.

Now Devin Booker is not a dominating rebounder or ball feeder. He is a prolific scorer. In the 2020-21 season, he averaged 25.6 points per game. Booker is developing as a scorer and will hopefully keep improving in this sense.

He is often compared to Bryant for his scoring ability. However, he still has a long road ahead for him to lead the league in scoring.

#3 Win an NBA Championship

Devin Booker with his Olympic gold medal
Devin Booker with his Olympic gold medal

The Phoenix Suns have never won a championship. They have come awfully close a few times but coming close is never enough. Devin Booker could become, without a doubt, the greatest Suns player ever if he can win a ring for his team.

Both Barkley and Nash stand ahead of Booker at the moment, even though they are both without a ring. The team that the Phoenix Suns have built in the last few years has become increasingly dominating in every game they play.

They are capable of not just being conference winners but also as title contenders. There is a high probability of this team winning the finals and when they do, Devin Booker will be considered as, if not the best, one of the best players to ever play for the Phoenix Suns.

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