3x3 Pro Basketball League: The inaugural season is completed with Delhi Hoopers emerging victorious

Delhi Hoopers are crowned Championship of the sixth and final round of the 3BL
Delhi Hoopers are crowned Championship of the sixth and final round of the 3BL

3x3 Pro Basketball League concludes its inaugural season with the sixth and final round in Mumbai. Delhi Hoopers emerged as the Champions of Round 6, after having won four rounds previously. The franchisee, owned by Actor/Filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, has given strong performances consistently throughout the season.

India was also represented for the first time at FIBA 3x3 World Tour at the Utsunomiya Masters in July 2018 by Delhi Hoopers. The team has qualified for Mexico City Masters (8th-9th September) and Hyderabad Masters (22nd-23rd September) as well in the FIBA 3x3 World Tour. Delhi Hoopers stand a chance to become the first Indian team to qualify for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Finals in Beijing, China in October 2018 depending on their performance in Mexico and Hyderabad.

Below are the results of the Day 2 of Round 6 of 3BL:

· Quarter Finals

o Goa Snipers vs Mumbai Hustlers: 14 – 18

o Ahmedabad Wingers vs Aizawl Legends: 22 – 13

o Jaipur Regals vs Delhi Hoopers: 10 – 22

· Semi-Finals

o Mumbai Hustlers vs Ahmedabad Wingers: 14 – 18

o Bangalore Machas vs Delhi Hooper: 14 – 22

· Final

o Ahmedabad Wingers vs Delhi Hoopers: 19 – 22

Being crowned champions in 5 of the 6 rounds, it was no surprise that the Delhi Hoopers were crowned the Champion of 3BL's inaugural season. The contest in the league's first season was about the competition on the points table behind the Delhi Hoopers.

In second place were the Ahmedabad Wingers, who finished as the runners-up in three of the six rounds and in the other three rounds they were semifinalists. The franchise in the third position were the Bangalore Machas, the only franchise other than the Delhi Hoopers to win a round in season 1 of the 3BL. In Round 5, they finished as the runners-up and in two of the other four rounds, they were semifinalists.

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Edited by Yash Matange
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