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5 most horrific injuries in the NBA

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Philadelphia 76ers v Chicago Bulls - Game One
Derrick Rose on the court

Witnessing an injury is never a good sight. Injuries though are common in the sports arena and basketball is no exception. Injuries in other sports, where more protection is used, do not look as gruesome as they do in basketball. Being a sport where protective gear is not required, the players are prone to some of the most gruesome injuries.

From twisting their ankles or knees and tearing their ACL, to even breaking bones, we have seen it all in basketball. Some of these injuries threaten the careers of the players, while others may not be so severe. However, the recovery period is always quite long and there is always the risk of hurting the affected area due to a hurried return to action.

Here is a list of five of the worst injuries in the NBA:

#5 Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is one of the most injury-prone players in the history of the game. The worst of his injuries came when he was playing for the Bulls against the Philadelphia 76ers in a playoff game in 2011-12. Rose went for a lay-up and lost his balance, coming shattering down and grimacing in the pain associated with a torn ACL.

Rose had surgery performed in May 2012, with an estimated recovery period of 8–12 months. 

He missed the whole season and when he came back in 2013, promptly picked up another injury early.

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