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5 NBA Players who could average a triple-double this season

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Can LeBron follow in the footsteps of Russell Westbrook?
Can LeBron follow in the footsteps of Russell Westbrook?

In the 2016-2017 NBA season, Russell Westbrook became just the second ever player to average a triple-double across the regular NBA season. The only other was Oscar Robertson, who averaged his way back in the 1961-1962 season. Westbrook was awarded the MVP award for his historic season, and many NBA analysts questioned how long would it take for a player to do it again.

Last season, Westbrook once again averaged a triple-double, becoming the first player to record a triple-double in back to back seasons. His performances were on this occasion largely overlooked due to the fact he had earned all the accolades the year prior, and a number of other NBA stars were close to posting triple-doubles of their own.

The pace of basketball has exploded over the last five years, as team's are now shooting more three-pointers than ever. Teams are getting more possessions each game and this is technically making it easier for players to post huge stats in the rebound, assist and point categories. So here are five players who could realistically match Westbrook this season and post a triple-double over the regular season.

#5 Nikola Jokic

Jokic is one of the best center in the NBA
Jokic is one of the best centers in the NBA

The landscape of the NBA has changed so much over the last decade that we now face the very real possibility that a Center could post a triple-double for the season. At one point last season, the 6 feet 10 inch forward had incredibly posted more triple-doubles than he had completed dunks.

Jokic has already posted the fastest ever triple-double, in addition to recording the second-ever perfect triple-double. If the Serbian is able to increase his assist total, he will surely average a season triple-double over the coming year.

#4 James Harden

Harden is the reigning NBA MVP
Harden is the reigning NBA MVP

When James Harden records a triple-double, it is often spectacular. In early 2018, Harden posted the first ever 60 point triple-double, which was the 29-year-old's highlight of his MVP season.

The Houston Rockets guard recorded just four triple-doubles throughout the whole 2017-18 season. However, Harden has shown in the past that he can regularly post triple doubles and he has 35 for his career.


Harden will however, need to drastically improve upon his last season's 5.5 rebounds per game if he wants to match his old teammate Russell Westbrook in averaging a triple-double for the season.

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