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5 NBA Players who retired too early

Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming
Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming
Davion Moore
Modified 16 Aug 2019, 15:48 IST
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Throughout NBA history, there have been several talented players. Some of them went on to achieve success and had long careers. However, not every player is given that luxury.

In some cases, there have been players whose careers were cut short. Typically, the reason for a shortened career is an injury. Some players dealt with nagging injuries that hindered their success/growth. This is a common occurrence that we still see in today's game.

At times, some players suffer an injury and lose the "explosiveness" they once had.

Brandon Roy is an example of one of those players. Roy was extremely talented and became the Portland Trail Blazers' go-to player. Then, injuries became an issue. Roy injured his knee in 2010 and had to get surgery to repair a meniscus tear.

It was later revealed that his nagging knee issues where due to lack of cartilage in his knees. He always had to get surgeries on his knees and retired. He retired at the age of 27. Roy decided after he said he lacked cartilage between the bones of both knees. His knees were a chronic issue, and Roy felt the need to move on.

As a player Kobe Bryant once called the hardest player to guard in the West, this was an unfortunate situation for both Roy and fans.

Despite attempting a comeback with the Timberwolves, Roy retired once again. Roy is one example of many players. Several other players have retired early for different reasons.

Larry Johnson retired due to back issues, "Pistol" Pete Maravich retired due to knee issues, along with so many others. Johnson was 31 when he retired, and Maravich was 32. While they retired early, there are others who did the same. Here are five NBA players who retired too early.

#5 Brad Daugherty

Brad Daugherty played for the Cleveland Cavaliers
Brad Daugherty played for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Brad Daugherty is an "old school" player compared to other players on this list, but he fits the description.

Daugherty was the first pick of the 1986 draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers selected him. The big man was one of UNC's best big men, and the Cavs hoped he continued playing well on the next level.

Daugherty was a skilled big man whose career was cut short.

In his first season with the Cavs, Daugherty averaged 15.7 points and 8.1 rebounds. Due to his performance in his rookie season, he earned an NBA All-Rookie First Team nod.

Daugherty was a big part of the Cavaliers core, as they built their team around players such as Mark Price and John "Hot Rod" Williams. The Cavs were a playoff team for five of his eight seasons.

In the 1990-91 season, Daugherty had his best season. He averaged a career-high 21.6 points and 10.9 rebounds (also a career-high). Daugherty was a talented player, but his career quickly came to an end.

Daugherty was dealing with back issues and decided to end his career at the age of 28. However, he did not make officially announce his retirement until two seasons later. Despite waiting to make the announcement, he did not play after 1993-94 (when he was 28).

The Cavaliers' big man was one of many players to be in this scenario. As the list shows, others faced similar fates.

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Published 16 Aug 2019, 15:48 IST
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