5 times Patrick Beverley had a physical altercation with NBA players in recent history

Patrick Beverley during LA Clippers' game 3 against the Suns.
Patrick Beverley during LA Clippers' game 3 against the Suns.
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The intense NBA Western Conference Final series between the LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns came to an end on Wednesday. Patrick Beverley made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Trailing 3-2 going into Game 6 of the series, the Phoenix Suns cruised to a 26-point lead when Beverley decided to shove Chris Paul to the ground by pushing him on the back.

The LA Clippers were without the injured Kawhi Leoanrd
The LA Clippers were without the injured Kawhi Leoanrd

Beverley has since been reported to be facing suspension for the start of the 2021-22 NBA season. Regardless, this is not the first time he has been involved in a physical brawl in recent NBA history. In this article, we look at five incidents from the past few years:

5 physical altercations involving Patrick Beverley in recent NBA history

Beverley has acquired a reputation in recent years and is often seen losing his calm during games. He has fouled Chris Paul throughout the series a number of times. Paul claimed the following about the shove and claimed he had the last laugh, saying,

Over the years, you know people talk junk to me and a lot of times I usually say something back, but I done changed a little. A little. A little. And I just kept thinking, if we do what we’re supposed to do, I get the last laugh. So you stay the course long enough, you break ’em, and that what we did.”

Regardless, without further ado, we're looking at five physical altercations that Patrick Beverley has been involved in in recent years.

#1 Damian Lillard, August 2020

While not a physical altercation, Damian Lillard’s feud with Patrick Beverley deserves a mention for its long-term nature. In an August 2020 match between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Clippers, Beverley was seen trying to rile Lillard up from the bench.

Lillard missed multiple free throws that brought forth calls of “DOLLA Time” by Patrick Beverley, referencing Damian Lillard’s rapper name. The two were later involved in an Instagram back and forth as the LA Clippers lost game 7 against the Denver Nuggets to get knocked out of the Western Conference Semifinals. Lillard missed a number of late free throws in the match and then took Beverley’s comments as a “sign of respect.”

#2 Russell Westbrook, October 2018

Patrick Beverley's long-stranding feud with Russell Westbrook which flared especially during the Clippers game against the OKC Thunder towards the end of October 2018. The two were involved in an elaborate back and forth as Westbrook whipped out the “rock the baby” celebration after a successful jumper.

In response, Beverley came up with a two-pointer of his own and responded by starting Westbrook down and repeating the celebration. As it turned out, the altercation lasted through the match as Beverley and Westbrook had to be separated after OKC Thunder’s 128-110 victory. Police eventually interrupted as the brawl started between the two teams.

#3 Joel Embiid, January 2019

During the new year’s fixture between the LA Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers in 2019, Beverley got into a physical scuffle with Joel Embiid. The Philadelphia 76ers led by 13 points with less than more than nine minutes left in the match.


Patrick Beverley was guarding Joel Embiid as he rose to get on the end of an inside pass. However, Beverley stopped him unfairly and then tried to grab on to his t-shirt. The two were involved in a scuffle before being separated by their respective team members. The incident was brought forth by Beverley’s refusal to let go off Embiid’s shirt, who tried to keep him away for some time before charging himself.

#2 Kevin Durant, April 2019

In perhaps the most iconic altercation involving Patrick Beverley, long-term GSW fans will remember him going head to head with Kevin Durant during game 1 of the 2019 NBA Finals. That was a match that saw both players ejected with less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter.


The LA Clippers were against the dominant Golden State Warriors, with Beverley taking up defensive guard on Kevin Durant. The two were involved in multiple back-and-forths and went at it throughout the match. Durant held his cool until the fourth quarter and then taunted Beverley after making a defensive play on him. However, Beverley rushed to charge at Durant and was stopped by the incoming referee, who decided to eject both.

#1 Chris Paul, July 2021

Towards the conclusion of game 6 against the Phoenix Suns, Beverley lost his calm and pushed Chris Paul to the floor with the Phoenix Suns in a comfortable position. The altercation steamrolled, with a bunch of officials and players also getting involved and stopping Paul from responding.

Patrick Beverley later apologized via a tweet and claimed that emotions got the better of him. Chris Paul instead said he had the last laugh as he guided the Phoenix Suns to what would be their third-ever NBA Finals appearance. They will now be fighting for their first ever NBA title.

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