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Top 5 Players With The Best Handles In NBA History

A list of top NBA players that can handle the basketball best

Top 5 / Top 10 08 Dec 2017, 10:08 IST

Who's No. 1: Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving?
Who's No. 1: Stephen Curry or Kyrie Irving?

Ball handlers are a key component to any team’s success. Someone must dribble the team out of difficult positions, which require finesse as opposed to force. The And-1 craze in the NBA came and went, but ball handlers in the NBA are still loved.

The following players have broken their fair share of ankles through the years, putting numerous defenders on the wrong end of highlight reels. As a result, they have put themselves in the conversation for having perhaps the best handles of all time.

P.S. This is not a list of players with the meanest crossovers.

Notable Mentions:

Kemba Walker, Charlotte Hornets

Kemba does not get enough credit mostly because he’s in a small market with a poorly run franchise. When he is rolling, he’s arguably the best show in the NBA with the way he humiliates guys and plays with them. It's beautiful to watch.

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