Agu Sheriff Chuwunanu credits UBA for his smooth sailing from a small town in Nigeria to India

Agu Sheriff Chuwunanu
Agu has been a star for the Chennai Slams in the UBA

“The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I’d made my teammates play”, is the famous quote of Bill Russell the former NBA player, and Chennai Slam shooter Agu Sheriff Chuwunanu follows the saying quite closely. He takes the team along and that has made him one of the best player of the UBA professional basketball league underway in Pune.

“It’s all about what one can contribute to the team’s victory,” said Agu as he is affectionately called by his friends and official in the basketball arena.

From a small Ikeja village in Nigeria to the UBA in India it has been a long journey but smooth sailing for Agu, who wants to make it big in the game.

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Coming from a small village, Agu was like any other kid in town, playing all the games and even competing with his school mates while running to schools. Nigeria has produced many footballers and athletes, but Agu picked up basketball because he liked speed. “I was just practising on court and my coach Mark told me that I did have potentials of good player and since then I have never looked back,” said Agu on the sidelines of the ongoing UBA league in Pune.

“Sir Mark taught me all the basics of the game when I was just six years old, which is very important and since then basketball is everything for me,” said Agu.

And it because of this game Agu is in India who besides playing the game he loved, is pursuing an MBA in Chennai. “It was in the year 2011 when the UBA officials came to Nigeria to spot talented players and I was lucky when I was picked. They have given me everything and most importantly helped me in my studies,” said Agu who is the first year student at the Hindustan University College in Chennai.

Whenever he is stressed or dejected he picks up the ball and that gives him the strength to face all the difficulties. “I was down and out when I heard that my father was not keeping well and he did not survive for long with medicines. I did not go to anyone to console me but I picked up the ball and started playing which gave me strength to overcome the tragedy in my life,” said Agu for whom basketball is everything.

Further adding, “UBA has been picking up pace in India and I am sure it will promote the game which will help all the followers of the game.”

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