3 things that make Allen Iverson one of the most special NBA champions of all time

Ranga Bhave

3) The Myth

76ers v Sonics
76ers v Sonics

Iverson has transcended his professional life into something that is not so easily definable. He attended Bryant's jersey retirement wearing a t-shirt of a photo of Bryant posing with the Finals trophy that Iverson lost.

He ranted about practice in one of the most memorable rants anyone has ever gone off on a press release. He partied late into the night the day before a game and then dropped 40 points on that very same day.

Iverson is as much a celebrity spokesperson for Philly as Meek Mill or anyone else. In this young Sixers team, filled with talent and potential, he's the team representative to the masses.

He's the one who rings the ceremonial bell at Philly games when he attends. He's the one the fans lovingly adore and praise. And this might not have been his destiny if he hadn't changed his attitude.

The man was a perennial alpha, ready to fight for teammates, snarl at referees and generally give his team a boost, a foul, a clutch play, whatever was required for his team to win.

He was Philadelphia's Answer to everything.

Edited by Musab Abid
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