Asian Games 2018: India lose to Kazakhstan in  women's basketball

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Action from the China vs Japan basketball match at the Asian Games 2018 on Friday

The Chinese Taipei beat Unified Korea in a thrilling match and Japan lost to tournament favourites, China, while Kazakhstan exacted revenge against India in the first match of the Women's Basketball at the Asian Games 2018 on Friday.

In the first match of Day 3, the Chinese Taipei played against Unified Korea in the Group X and won by 87-85 (21-23, 22-17, 16-18, 14-15). The match went to overtime when both the teams got tied up and the Chinese Taipei played outstandingly in overtime (14-12) and won the match. Chinese Taipei's Pingjen Huang scored 17 points and Ro Suk Yong of Korea scored 32 points for her team.

In the second match, tournament favourites China and Japan faced each other in Group Y. China ousted Japan in its first match of the tournament by 105-73 (35-22, 20-19, 26-18, 24-14). China played with experience and won its second match of the tournament.

Li Meng and Liu Jiacen of China scored 18 points jointly and Saki Hayashi of Japan scored 17 points. Japan will face Mongolia on 19th August and China will face Mongolia on 20th August.

India lose to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan beat the Indian team in the third match of Day 3 of Women's Basketball by 79-61 (13-18, 12-19, 21-22, 15-20). Kazakhstan exacted revenge of the FIBA Asia Cup Division B final against India on Friday.

Jeena Skaria PS of India scored 15 points and Tamara Yagodkina of Kazakhstan scored 21 points. India will face Chinese Taipei on 19th August and Kazakhstan will face hosts Indonesia on 19th August in the next matches.

The fourth match of the day was between Mongolia and Hong Kong, China in Group Y. Mongolia beat Hong Kong by 83-79 (22-12, 25-26, 22-17, 19-19). Mongolia were down in the second and third quarters but came back in the fourth quarter. Bulbul Murat of Mongolia scored 37 points and Li Tsz Kwan of Hong Kong scored 25 points.

Group Standings

Group X : Chinese Taipei 4 points, Korea 3 points, Kazakhstan 3 points, India 1 point, Indonesia 1 point.

Group Y : China 4 points, Japan 3 points, Mongolia 2 points, Hong Kong 2 points,Thailand 1 point.

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