Asian Games 2018 : Round-Up of Day 6 Basketball Results

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Action from India vs Unified Korea Basketball match at Asian Games on Day 6

Day 6 of Women's Basketball at the Asian Games 2018 started with a stellar performance by Unified Korea against India in the first match. In the second match, pre-tournament favorites China registered a victory against Mongolian team and finished atop the group table.

In the Men's category, Chinese Taipei beat Hong Kong, while hosts Indonesia beat Thailand.

Women's Tournament Review

In first match of day 6 started with strong Korean team against India. Indian Women's Basketball team still unable to register a victory in the Asian Games as they lost their third straight game against Unified Korea today, following losses to Kazakhstan and the Chinese Taipei.

In first half, the Korean team rolled out a strong defensive line up against the Indian team, running their lead up to a virtually unassailable 27-point 49-22 lead. The second half saw India make defensive errors, which Korea lapped up to win the match on a canter. Turnovers continued to be India's bane today as they were in the two previous games as well, but today's total of 31 has to rank among the worst performances our woman's team has put out in their history.

Final Score : Unified Korean basketball team beat India by 104-54 (22-12, 27-10, 25-17,30-15). Madhu Kumari of India scored 14 points and Leeseul Kang of Unified Korea scored 17 points.

Enter captionAction from India vs Unified Korea Basketball match at Asian Games on Day 6
Action from China vs Mongolia Basketball match at Asian Games on Day 6

In second match of day 6 took place between China and Mongolia. China again top the group table with 6 points after this match. China started to attack on weak Mongolian team in the first half only extended their lead to 57-24. In second half there is no attack from Mongolian team and unable to come up against Chinese team and lost the match by 110-36.

Final Score : China beat Mongolia by 110-36 (26-15, 31-9, 26-9, 27-3). Li Yueru of China scored 21 points and Murat Bulbul of Mongolia scored 15 points for her country.

Men's Tournament Review

Enter captionAction from India vs Unified Korea Basketball match at Asian Games on Day 6
Action from Chinese Taipei vs Hong Kong Men's Basketball match at Asian Games on Day 6

In the first match of Men's Basketball match's on day 6 seen between Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong. Chinese Taipei won it's first match against strong Japan in the first match and they beat Hong Kong today. Hong Kong team put a strong competition in second half but Chinese Taipei team defended very well and won the match.

Final Score: Chinese Taipei beat Hong Kong by 98-67 (24-13, 21-10, 30-19, 23-25). Liu Cheng of Chinese Taipei scored 21 points and Xu Adam of Hong Kong scored 16 points.

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Action from Indonesia vs Thailand Men's Basketball match at Asia n Games 2018 on Day 6

In the second match on day 6 played between hosts Indonesia and Thailand, the score was close in the first half as Indonesia held only a 1 point lead after the first quarter (30-29), though they extended the lead to 51-43 by the end of the half. Thailand bounced strongly in the second half, but Indonesia with the home support defended the lead well and won the match.

Final Score : Indonesia beat Thailand by 98-86 (30-29, 21-14, 21-23, 26-20). Andre Jamarr Johnson of Indonesia scored 28 points and Nakorn Jaisanuk of Thailand scored 28 points.

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