Asian Games 2018: Round-Up of Day 7 Basketball Results

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Action from Unified Korea vs Kazakhstan Basketball on Day 7 of Asian Games 2018

On Day 7 of the Basketball fixtures at the Asian Games 2018, Unified Korean Women's Basketball team registered their fourth straight victory over Kazakhstan and placed themselves atop the group table. In the second match of Women's Basketball, Japan registered a victory over Thailand and finished atop the group table.

In the Men's Category, China won against Philippines in a close game.

Unified Korea 85 - 57 Kazakhstan Women's Basketball

In the first match of Day 7 of Basketball fixtures between Unified Korea and Kazakhstan, the Korean team edged the Kazakhstan team easily and finished in the first place of Group X with 3 wins and 1 loss.

Korea absolutely dominated the first half 47-29 and Kazakhstan was unable to defend well as they kept making errors throughout the match. In the second half, Kazakhstan put up some strong performance in the end but the lead had been taken by the Korean team already in the first half and they registered their third win. Both Unified Korea and Kazakhstan qualified for further rounds.

Final Score: Unified Korea beat Kazakhstan 85-57 (29-12, 18-17, 22-12, 16-16). Olga Kolesnikova and Kondrakova Nadezhda of Kazakhstan scored 10 points respectively. Ro Suk Yong of Korea scored 19 points.

Japan 91-41 Thailand Women's Basketball

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Action from Japan vs Thailand Basketball on Day 7 of Asian Games 2018

Table toppers of Group B, Japan dominated the show once again against Thailand in the final match of the group stage. Japan totally dominated all the quarters of the match. Thailand were unable to defend well and made more fouls as they lost to the table toppers of Group B.

Despite the huge loss, Thailand qualified for further rounds as they won a match against Hong Kong in a previous match.

Final Score: Japan beat Thailand 91-41 (28-10, 22-13, 20-16, 21-2). Aya Watanabe of Japan scored 27 points and Maihom Thidaporn of Thailand scored 12 points.

Chinese Taipei 115 - 51 Indonesia Women's Basketball

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Action from Chinese Taipei vs Indonesia Basketball on Day 7 of Asian Games 2018

Hosts Indonesia were unable to register a victory in women's basketball on Tuesday against Group A table toppers Chinese Taipei. The latter once again dominated the match, where the Indonesians were unable to bounce back against Chinese Taipei.

The last match of Group A will take place between Indian Women's Basketball team and hosts Indonesia on Thursday. Both teams lost against Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan and Unified Korea respectively. One who wins on 23rd will be in the next round.

Final Score: Chinese Taipei beat Indonesia 115 - 51 (34-12, 32-12, 24-9, 25-18). Huang Lingchuan of Chinese Taipei scored 26 points and Christaline Natasha Debby of Indonesia scored 16 points.

China 82 - 80 Philippines Men's Basketball

Action from China vs Philippines Basketball on Day 7 of Asian Games 2018

On Tuesday, the Men's match was one of the best Basketball matches in this Asian Games as China registered a victory over Philippines in the last seconds of the match. A defensive error was made by Clarkson JT when the score showed 80-80 with 13 seconds to go for the match to get over. Zhao R of China successfully made 2 points and won for his country.

China dominated the first half with a difference of 7 points (36-29) and the Philippines were unable to give a fight to China in the first half. But in the second half, Philippines bounced back and lessened the difference by only 4 points after the third quarter. China showed their experience in the last quarter and controlled their nerves and registered a victory.

Final Score: China beat Philippines 82-80 (20-12, 16-19, 23-26, 23-23). Zhou Qi of China scored 25 points and Clarkson Jordan Taylor of Philippines scored 28 points.

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