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Assessing the deals of the Southeast Divison

666   //    28 Dec 2012, 14:36 IST

Best player deal:

Miami Heat Introduce Ray Allen

Ray Allen, Shooting Guard

To: Miami Heat

From: Boston Celtics

Influence: 75%

Benefits: Genuine play maker, variety in the game, reduces dependency on the bench, new leader, hard worker, defense, genuine perimeter threat, Mr. ‘Clutch’ along with a tandem of brilliance with LeBron and D-Wade, best three point shooter ever to play.

Weaknesses: Injuries, Age and maybe salary cap issues.

Most over-rated deal:

Charlotte Bobcats v Phoenix Suns


Ben Gordon, Shooting Guard

To: Charlotte Bobcats

From: Detroit Pistons

Influence: 50%

Benefits: Dynamic shooter, formidable competitor, clutch when on fire, electrifying plays and experience.

Weaknesses:  Over-paid, zones out of the game constantly, production doesn’t match the hype, and never been top notch despite years in the league, injury issues and doesn’t look to match up in size.

Best value deal:

Atlanta Hawks v Miami Heat

Lou Williams, Shooting Guard

To: Atlanta Hawks

From: Philadelphia 76ers

Influence: 85%

Benefits: Experience, bench strength, clutch, defensive powerhouse, play making, reduce dependency on Smith, importantly – years of experience with a meager salary payment.

Weaknesses: Unsure how he will settle on game time and physique.

Best draft deal:

Phoenix Suns v Charlotte Bobcats

Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Shooting Forward

From: University of Kentucky

To: Charlotte Bobcats

Influence: 90%

Benefits: Predicted stats: 11 PPG, 6 RPG and 3 APG, spreads the ball on the court, passing machine, tempo and versatility in the paint, one of the best shooting rookies, rebounds, physical threat, clutch and reigning national champion in college.

Weaknesses: Overly aggressive play, foul trouble and perimeter shooting.

Best contract extension:                                                           

Orlando Magic v Golden State WarriorsJameer Nelson, Point Guard

Team: Orlando Magic

Deal: 3 years, 20 million USD

Influence: 75%

Benefits: Team player, ball control, defensive magnet, not too expensive of a deal, spreads the ball out, gets everyone in the game constantly, improves the youth and balances the team in every department, franchise player, decent production column and has potential to be a superstar, if not already one on this declining team.

Weakness: Injury-prone, height, streak of missed shots, ego.
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