Ben Simmons Trade: How a move away from Philadelphia 76ers led to the forward getting flak from NBA legends like Charles Barkley

Brooklyn Nets v Toronto Raptors
Ben Simmons' trade toi the Brooklyn Nets was met with a lot of criticism (Image via Getty Images)

Ben Simmons has been one of the most controversial NBA players in the last few years. The 6-foot-10 guard has been in the league since 2016, yet he's only played four seasons so far.

Simmons missed his rookie season due to a foot injury, and he also missed the entire 2021-22 season, which the Philadelphia 76ers did not appreciate. Thankfully, the team was able to get rid of him by trading him to the Brooklyn Nets.

The decision was met with widespread criticism and even hatred. Charles Barkley believes Simmons could apologize to the Sixers for refusing to play, but this is highly unlikely.

Ben Simmons recently had his first game in Philadelphia with Nets

Simmons played his first game in Philadelphia as a member of the Nets on Tuesday, November 22. Despite his team losing the game, the three-time All-Star was great and did a good job on both ends of the floor.

His return to the City of Brotherly Love has received a lot of media attention, but also a lot of criticism.


Ben Simmons became one of the most hated players in the NBA after Game 7 of the 2021 Eastern Conference Semifinals. The heavily-favored Sixers were eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks, and somehow, it was all Simmons' fault.

With less than four minutes remaining in the game and the Sixers trailing by two points, the point guard turned down a wide-open dunk that would have tied the game. Simmons has become a target of a lot of vitriol as a result of this move.

The Sixers guard missed the entire 2021-22 season, and the Hawks game was his final with the team. In February 2022, he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, where he has appeared in 15 games this season.

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Simmons was criticized for his behavior

After his collapse against the Hawks, Ben Simmons wasn't mentally ready to play. He missed the entire season with the 76ers, which has put him under more scrutiny. Due to this, some NBA fans and analysts believe that he should have apologized.

“I wish Ben would apologize, personally to the city of Philadelphia," Charles Barkley said during the halftime show on the Nets-Sixers game.
"I think he should apologize to Doc Rivers. ... He got mad when they asked him to become a better basketball player," Barkley added.
Chuck: "I wish Ben would apologize to the city of Philadelphia. .... He got mad when [the 76ers] asked him to get better as a basketball player."

Many NBA fans agree with Barkley, who spent eight seasons of his professional career in Philadelphia. However, Simmons has also received a lot of support, both from former and active players.

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Richard Jefferson believes it's too early to criticize Simmons, while Ja Morant is happy that the guard is back and playing well. Kevin Durant is also happy to have Simmons back and expects a lot from his teammate.

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