Best Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K22 Current Gen

LeBron James as seen in NBA 2K
LeBron James as seen in NBA 2K
Kunal Sethi

NBA 2K22 is out and gamers from around the world are rushing to explore the features and upgrades. Many are calling it the best version since NBA 2K17 as they have given many aspects of the game a major overhaul.

NBA 2K22 has introduced better shooting mechanics, more dribbling moves, and a whole new adventure in MyCareer, including a new neighborhood on a cruise ship along with The City for a narrative story experience.

A major addition to the game is new badges that have enhanced the experience of each player. 2K Sports has added badges in all four categories to make the game more realistic and fun.

Certain Finishing badges such as Unstrippable, Grace Under Pressure and Fast Twitch are new and they now seem like must-have badges for your player in NBA 2K22. Playmaking has also been given a major update and the total number of badges are now close to 80.

NBA 2K22: All the Playmaking Badges in the game

Basketball has changed and NBA 2K consequently evolves as well. In 2009 (NBA 2K9), nobody would have imagined a badge called "Circus Threes" but seeing how Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and so many shooters now regularly drop wild shots from deep range, 2K Sports has added the badge.

All the Playmaking badges in NBA 2K22 are:

Ankle Breaker - Improves your chances of dropping (breaking the ankles) a defender while performing fancy dribbling moves.

Bail Out - Increases the chances of completing a pass from mid-air.

Break Starter - Enhances your ability to initiate the offense or a fastbreak.

Bullet Passer - Improves the velocity and accuracy of your pass.

Dimer - Improves the shot efficiency of open teammates after receiving the pass.

Downhill - Enhances your speed during the transition, helps you to get to the frontcourt faster.

Glue Hands - Improves your ability to grab difficult passes.

Handles for Days - Reduces the amount of energy lost when performing dribble moves.

Hyperdrive - Increases your dribbling skills while on the move.

Needle Threader - Raises the likelihood that tough passes can get through the defense.

Post Playmaker - Boosts the efficiency on passes made out of the post to a shooter.

Quick Chain - Improves your ability to chain up dribble moves together.

Quick First Step - Provides more explosive first steps out of triple-threat and size-ups.

Space Creator - Enhances your ability to create space from a defender.

Special Delivery - Increases alley-oop throw success and shot chance for receivers after a flashy pass.

Stop & Go - Boosts your ability to start and stop with the ball.

Tight Handles - Enhances your ability to break down a defender.

Triple Threat Juke - Speeds up the triple threat moves when trying to blow by the defender.

Unpluckable - Reduces the chances of getting stripped by a defender.

NBA 2K22: The best Playmaking badges

Chris Paul as seen in NBA 2K22 [Source: @pastapadre (Twitter)]
Chris Paul as seen in NBA 2K22 [Source: @pastapadre (Twitter)]

As you can see, not all badges have the same use in NBA2K22. Players like Stephen Curry and Chris Paul will never need a 'Post Playmaker' badge, whereas Nikola Jokic, widely considered the best point center in basketball, will use that badge to the fullest. Similarly, point forwards or bulky big men might need 'Bullet Passer' and 'Glue Hands' but will never utilize a badge like 'Handle for Days' or 'Ankle Breaker'.

You can choose the badges that best fit your player and give him a boost as you like to play the game. However, there are certainly many badges that can be used on a variety of players and are considered 'must-have' in NBA 2K22.

These are badges that will be useful for any position and are basic playmaking badges that are important for your player's overall game. So the best badges in NBA 2K22 are Bail Out, Bullet Passer, Unpluckable, Special Delivery, Glue Hands and Needle Threader.

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Edited by Parimal Dagdee
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