Betty Moon on being a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James & what's ahead for her

Betty Moon / Photo courtesy of Bob Bradley
Betty Moon / Photo courtesy of Bob Bradley
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As a composer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker and entrepreneur, Betty Moon has recorded 8 albums. Her latest full-length was 2017's studio album Chrome, of which 4 singles were released, including the very catchy track "Parachute."

What's more interesting about the Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based former major label artist is that she has also built up her own record label and production company, releasing all her own music with much success. In turn, Betty Moon is the rare sort of artist that can successfully write, perform and market her own creations.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Betty Moon herself, focusing on her fandom of the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers. More on Betty Moon can be found at


When did you first become a fan of the Lakers?

Betty Moon: I was actually born and raised in Toronto, and spent most of my youth and early years in music in the area. When I relocated to the Los Angeles area though, I went on a date with someone who had Lakers tickets and from that point out I fell in love with the team -- but not that guy. (laughs) There was just something about the team, the excitement of their brand, the energy, passion and everything about them as a collective.

How often do you go to Lakers games?

Betty Moon: As often as I can get tickets. Last season I went to over 5 games and had a blast. I’m considering season tickets at this point, but with my crazy schedule, I’m afraid of not making it to enough games. (laughs)

Do you have a favorite Laker?

Betty Moon: Without a doubt, LeBron James. I’ve been following his career for some time and now that he’s a Laker, this is icing on the cake.

How does the upcoming Lakers season look to you? Thoughts on LeBron joining the team?

Betty Moon: Absolutely brilliant investment and decision. It’s getting people talking Lakers at an all-time high, and all the naysayers who thought the Lakers weren’t doing hot will be watching closely. It should be exciting to see what energy he brings to the team, and what other players will step up their game to stand out with LeBron.

Has your Lakers fandom ever crossed paths with your career as a musician?

Betty Moon: My industry friend has box seats at Staples Center, so I usually beg and pester the guy for occasional tickets. He probably thinks I’m a pain in the butt, however, it’s worth it! I don’t have any crazy stories of being a musician and having Lakers players at my shows, but I’m crossing my fingers that it happens someday soon.

Do you play ball outside of watching a lot of Lakers games?

Betty Moon: No, but I play a fairly bad game of tennis, though.

Are there any teams you feel close to as strongly about as you do the Lakers?

Betty Moon: Not really. I only have time for the Lakers and stay true as a fan. I buy their merch, go to their games or tune in with friends. I think true sports fans only have so much energy to put into a handful of teams, there’s a lot to keep tabs on!

Career-wise, what is coming up for you within the next few months?

Betty Moon: Absolutely, I have a new album in the works and an exciting music video and single I’m going to be dropping in September. I also run a successful production company/label and have been working on other collaborations and releases for Q4 '18. So much going on, but sports are a huge escape for me and my friends.

Finally, Betty, any last words for the kids?

Betty Moon: Life is a gift. Enjoy your life and have a blast while you’re here! Be a nice person and love as much as you possibly can. Also, learn to play an instrument and get outside more often -- go play some basketball!


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