Chicago Bulls 2020-21 NBA Season Preview and Prediction - Key acquisitions, complete roster and starting five 

Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks
Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks

The Chicago Bulls might have a plan. The Bulls hired their first-ever black GM, Marc Eversley whose fresh views on the team's future helped the franchise land Billy Donavan as their new head coach. Eversley also made a very smart in the 2020 NBA Draft, picking up an outlier young talent in Patrick Williams. The team now have a young core of Lauri Markannen, Zach LaVine, Wendell Carter Jr., and rookie Patrick Williams.

Billy Donavan is the perfect fit for the Chicago bulls, having won two national championships with Florida as a college coach, while also leding the young Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs last season. Given his past record, no one can accuse him of lack of talent or deny his ability to bring the most out of a young squad of players.

Lauri Markannen had a less than par season last year. This season his goal will be to solidify his place in the league and establish himself as a regular starter for the Chicago Bulls. Wendell Carter, who has struggled with injuries, will focus on being available for the full season, while also improving on his two-way wing play that many had expected to define him entering the league.

Zach LaVine will be the obvious choice to lead the young roster on the court and will handle the primary responsibilities of a scorer. Having said that what will be most interesting to see is the evolution of Patrick Williams (who was not even a starter in college) as a player in the NBA.

Chicago Bulls 2020-21 NBA season Preview: A run at the playoffs

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors
Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors

Chicago bulls finished 11th last season with a 22-43 record in the eastern conference. They were not even invited to the bubble as they had almost no chance of making the playoffs .The Bulls organization having made some major changes in the front office, and on the coaching bench will be hoping to build this young core to its maximum potential.

The one positive aspect about the Chicago Bulls from their previous season was the emergence of Zach LaVine as a prolific scorer. They now have a clear number one option who could carry the team going forward . LaVine averaged 25.5 points last season and this year could make the jump to All-Star if the Bulls have a decent regular season.

The development and utilization of the young talent will be in the able hands of Billy Donavan. If the young core can manage to stay healthy, the Chicago Bulls will be in the hunt for playoffs.

Chicago Bulls 2019-20 NBA Season Record

Regular-season record - 22-43

Eastern Conference standings - 11th

Division standing- 4th in the central division

Playoffs- did not qualify

Key Acquisitions

SF Patrick Williams, C Marko Simonovic, PG Devon Dotson, SG Garrett Temple, PF Noah Vonleh.

Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets
Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets

Patrick Williams was picked 4th in this year's NBA draft. Generally players picked this high are stars in their college years, however, far from being a star, Williams wasn't even a starter. He came off the bench for Florida State to average 9.8 points and 4.0 rebounds while being a force on the defensive end.

Williams was named the Atlantic coast 6th man of the year, for his consistent performance off the bench. With the pick this high, the Bulls front office must have seen something special in the kid that we should be able to witness this season.

Garrett Temple is also one of the most important acquisitions for the Chicago Bulls this offseason. Given that this is a young roster, it was essential for them to have some sort of veteran presence in the lockerroom, which could guide the team in stressful situations. The 34-year-old guard fits the bill perfectly and will be a major part of the development of the young talent throughout the season.

Predicted starting line up for the Chicago Bulls for the 2020-21 NBA season

PG: Coby White, SG: Zach LaVine, SF: Patrick Williams, PF: Lauri Markkanen

C: Wendell Carter Jr.

Complete Roster

PG Ryan Arcidiacono, G Devon Dotson, C Cristian Felicio, PF Daniel Gafford, SF Chandler Hutchinson, PF Luke Kornet, G Adam Mokka, SG Zach Norvell Jr., G Tomas Satoransky, C/F Shimisola Shittu, SG Garett Temple. G Denzel Valentine, F Noah Vonleh, G Coby White, F Patrick Williams, F Thaddeus Young.


Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls
Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls

Like the past few seasons, Chicago Bulls will be the underdogs this season. they have a talented young core and a potential All-Star in Zach LaVine. Combine that with the coaching of Billy Donavan who is fresh off leading a young OKC team to the playoffs this could be the year Chicago makes its leap to the playoffs.

Predictions for the 2020-21 NBA Season

Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks
Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks

Predicted record: 32-40

Predicted playoff standing- 9th in the eastern conference

Breakout star - Wendell Carter Jr., Zach LaVine (All-Star)

As mentioned earlier the Chicago Bulls have the potential to ascend to the playoffs this season. The coaching of Billy Donavan combined with the young talent and the presence of veteran players like Garrett Temple makes them a fairly balanced team. If the young core of the team stays healthy for most of the season they will be in playoff contention and will be a team one should definitely watch out for in the future.

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