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China take Gold in Men's 5x5 Basketball defeating fancied Iran and their giant Hadaddi

  • China is the most successful nation in Men's Basketball at the Asian Games
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New Zealand v China - FIBA World Cup Qualifier
Abudushalamu Abudurexiti of China scored 20 points in the Finals against Iran

Men's 5 x 5 Basket Ball

China is the most successful nation in Men's Basketball at the Asian Games having won 8 Golds, 2 Silvers, and 1 Bronze. South Korea takes the second spot with 4 Golds, 6 Silvers, and 4 Bronze. The Philippines are placed third with 4 Golds, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals. India's best ever show at the Asian Games was a 4th place finish in the inaugural 1951 edition of the Games. They did not field a team in the 2018 Games.

Gold Medal Match

Iran had to be content with a Silver yet again, as they were pipped in the final by a strong Chinese contingent. At the 2014 Games, they lost to South Korea in the finals. Iran played stronger in the presence of its former NBA star Haddadi.

Whenever he was off the court, China took control of the match. The only time Iran was dominant was the first quarter when they took a 7 point lead at the end of the first quarter. China has converted 13 of their 22 attempts on 3 pointers, finished with a superior percentage of 59 which tilted the match towards their favor. Zhou Qi of China who plays in the NBA for the Houston Rockets had 11 rebounds in the match.

At the fag end of the second quarter, Zhou and Abudurexiti came up with brilliant 3 pointers to close down the difference to 41-42. Iran has hanged on with a slender 4 point lead at the end of the second quarter. Zhao Rui's 3 points helped China to go into the lead in the 8th minute of the third quarter. China never looked back and pumped in 5 shots which scored 3 points to go into a comfortable lead to win the Gold.

Final Score: China (29) defeated Iran (25) 84-72 (18-25, 23-20, 18-11, 25-16). (CHN - Abudushalamu Abudurexiti 20 points, Zhou Qi 11 rebounds, Fang Shuo 8; IRN - Hamed Ehdadi Haddadi 27 points, 10 rebounds, Mohammad Samad Nikkhah Bahrami 8 assists).

Bronze Medal Match

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Norfolk St v Missouri
Ricardo Preston Ratliffe scored 37 points and 17 rebounds to help Korea take Bronze

The bronze medal game was evenly matched with both teams sharing the same percentages in free throws and 2 points-shooting with Korea slightly better at scoring 3 points with 37% (11 of 30 converted) than Taipei who was at 29% (5 of 17 converted). US-born Ratliffe who was Korea's naturalized player had a whopping 37 points with 17 rebounds to his credit. Barring the final quarter of the game, Korea was in complete control during the entire duration of the match.

Final Score: South Korea (33) defeated Chinese Taipei (57) 89-81 (21-11, 24-22, 27-20, 17-28). (KOR - Ricardo Preston Ratliffe 37 pts, 17 rebs, Lee Seoung-Hyun 15 asts; TPE - Liu Cheng 25 pts, 7 rebs, Chen Ying-Chun 7 asts).

Fifth place game

2018 NBA Finals - Game One
Jordan Taylor Clarkson of Philippines scored 29 points against Syria

The Philippines hammered Syria to take the 5th place at the Games. Jordan Clarkson, who plays in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers top scored with 29 points. The Philippines excelled in all departments having 55% 2 point conversion (28/51), 38% 3 point conversion (15/39), 73% Free throws conversion (8/11) along with 35 assists, 20 offensive rebounds, and 47 defensive rebounds.

Philippines (30) defeated Syria (87) 109-55 (24-19, 17-22, 16-17, 25-17). (PHI - Jordan Taylor Clarkson 29 pts, Christian Karl Standhardinger 15 rebs, Mauerick Frankera Ahanmisi 7 asts; SYR - Tarek Al-Jabi 23 pts, Abdulwahab Al Hamwi 6 rebs, Sharif Al-Osh 6 rebs, 4 asts).

Seventh place game

FIBA Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament
Naoto Tsuji scored 29 points as Japan took the seventh place defeating Indonesia

Japan was trailing in the first quarter but managed to take a one-point lead at the end through a 3 pointer from Tsuji. Thanks to a huge crowd support which turned the game on, Indonesia rallied around to win the third quarter 18-22 to close the gap down to 3 points. But Japan was so experienced that they thumped Indonesia 27-12 in the final quarter with a flurry of six 3 pointers which helped them take a sizeable lead. Japan's 3 point conversion ratio was at 43% (16/37).

Japan (49) defeated Indonesia (103) 84-66 (21-20, 18-12, 18-22, 27-12). (JPN - Naoto Tsuji 29 pts, Atsuya Ota 11 rebs, Leo Vendrame 7 asts; INA - Jamarr Andre Johnson 23 pts, 12 rebs, Arki Dikania Wisnu 6 asts).


Iran dominated the rebounds having won 21 on the offensive front and 26 on the defensive as they only lost out the final quarter to Korea by 3 points. Iran playing an offensive game from the start raced to a 7 point lead in the first quarter and increased it to 12 points at the end of the second. By the end of the third quarter, the lead was 15 points which were more than enough for the Iranians as they stepped off the gas during the final quarter.

Final Score: Iran (25) defeated South Korea (33) 80-68 (21-14, 19-14, 23-20, 17-20). (IRN - Hamed Ehdadi Haddadi 21 pts, 8 asts, Mohammad Hassanzadeh Saberi Akhlaghi 11 rebs; KOR - Ricardo Preston Ratliffe 37pts, 12 rebs, Lee Jung-Hyun 7 asts).

China crushed Taipei's hopes of a comeback with high scoring rounds in the first and third quarters of the game. They also excelled with 22 assists, and a percentage of 52% on 2 point shots and 36% on 3 point shots. Zhou Qi had a double-double, scoring 22 points and 16 rebounds.

Final Score: China (29) defeated Chinese Taipei (57) 86-63 (26-19, 11-11, 31-12, 18-21). (CHN - Zhou Qi 22 pts, 16 rebs, Sun Minghui 6 asts; TPE - Liu Cheng 24, Lin Chih-Wei 5 rebs).

5th-8th place Semi-Finals

Standhardinger scored a double-double as the Philippines had a comfortable victory over Japan. Star player Clarkson chipped in with 22 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds as both players compounded misery on the Japanese team.

Philippines (30) defeated Japan (49) 113-80 (27-27, 30-20, 25-17, 31-16). (PHI - Christian Karl Standhardinger 27 pts, 13 rebs, Jordan Taylor Clarkson 9 asts; JPN - Taichi Nakamura 16 pts, 11 asts, Avi Schafer 8 rebs).

Syria took the game away from the Indonesians as they captured 10 offensive and 37 defensive rebounds which termed crucial to the outcome of the game. They played an attacking game in the first two quarters, which was imminent with the 28 point buffer they had at the end of the first half. The lead was so huge for the Indonesians to overcome as Syria ran away victors.

Syria (87) defeated Indonesia (103) 76-66 (26-15, 26-9, 14-17, 10-25). (SYR - Tarek Al-Jabi 33 pts, Omar Al-Shaikh 11 rebs; INA - Arki Dikania Wisnu 14, Xaverius Prawiro 14, Jamarr Andre Johnson 7 rebs, 4 asts).


Korea crushed hopes of a medal for the Philipines by knocking them out in a close quarterfinal match by a difference of 9 points. Korea took a 4 point lead at the end of the first quarter, which was turned around to a 2 point deficit by the Philippines through Stanley Pringle, who scored two three-pointers towards the end of the second quarter. Korea reduced the deficit to a single point at the end of the third. Korea pumped in 5 three-point shots in the final quarter, mainly through Jeon Jun-Beom who accounted for 3 of it to win the game.

Final Score: South Korea (33) defeated Philippines (30) 91-82 (22-18, 20-26, 22-21, 27-17). (KOR - Ricardo Preston Ratliffe 30 pts, 14 rebs, Kim Sun-Hyung 10 asts; PHI - Jordan Taylor Clarkson 25 pts, Christian Karl Standhardinger 9 rebs, Paul John Dalistan Lee 5 asts).

Haddadi's mighty presence was eminent as he scored a double-double with 22 points and 16 rebounds as Iran had control of the rebounds winning 20 offensive and 34 defensive rebounds to win a comfortable game against Japan.

Final Score: Iran (25) defeated Japan (49) 93-67 (25-14, 17-21, 25-19, 26-13). (IRN - Hamed Ehdadi Haddadi 22 pts, 16 rebs; JPN - Naoya Kumagae 13 pts, Naoto Tsuji 5 rebs, Taichi Nakamura 7 asts).

Australia v Chinese Taipei
Chen Ying Chun scored 24 points in Taipei's win over Syria

Taipei was run close by Syria but emerged victorious with a slender 7 point difference. Taipei's free throw percentage of 93% and 3 points conversion of 36%, helped them on their course to victory. Taipei took a 5 point lead at the end of the first quarter, but Syria came back by converting 2 free throws in the dying moments after a foul by Liu Cheng which tied the game at the end of the second. Syria took a one-point lead at the end of the third and the game was level at 67 each with less than 5 minutes to go. Chen Ying Chun scored a 3 pointer with a minute to remain to extend the lead to 7 points as Syria faltered to lose the match.

Final Score: Chinese Taipei (57) defeated Syria (87) 82-75 (24-19, 17-22, 16-17, 25-17). (TPE - Chen Ying Chun 24 pts, Chou Po-Chen 7 rebs; SYR - Tarek Al-Jabi 28 pts, Abdulwahab Al Hamwi 11 rebs, 5 asts).

China crushed Indonesia with a clinical display scoring 19 assists, 53% of two-point conversions (16/30), 41% of three-point conversions (15/37), 16 offensive and 37 defensive rebounds in the game. Johnson had a good came for the Indonesians with 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists.

Final Score: China (29) defeated Indonesia (103) 98-63 (26-13, 27-15, 27-16, 18-19). (CHN - Abudushalamu Abudurexiti 24 pts, 10 rebs; INA - Jamarr Andre Johnson 20 pts, 9 rebs, 4 asts).

Final Standing

1 - China, 2 - Iran, 3 - South Korea, 4 - Chinese Taipei, 5 - Philippines, 6 - Syria, 7 - Japan, 8 - Indonesia, =9 Qatar, =9 Mongolia, =9 Thailand, 12 - Kazakhstan, 13 - Hong Kong, =14 - United Arab Emirates, =14 - Palestine.

Published 05 Sep 2018, 07:58 IST
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