'Concert with Caitlin Clark' - Drake gets NBA Twitter recommendations on his Kendrick Lamar retaliation possibility

Drake gets NBA Twitter recommendations on his Kendrick Lamar retaliation strategy
Drake gets NBA Twitter recommendations on his Kendrick Lamar retaliation strategy possibility (Images: Drake Instagram, Kevin Winter/ Getty Images)

Kendrick Lamar seemingly shut down Drake in their recent viral rap feud. Both were dropping hits after hits, taking personal jabs at each other with their rap tracks. Answering how Drake could retaliate after being shut down, fans on X gave humorous suggestions featuring NBA and WNBA-related recommendations.

"He gotta do a concert with Caitlin Clark," a fan tweeted.

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However, most suggested Drake should accept defeat and stay low.

"He better Mind his DAMN Business at this point! Bro need to take this L gracefully," a fan tweeted.
"Drake is gonna need to pray & hope the Most High fights this battle. Because there ain't a dog-on thing he can do," a fan tweeted.
"People are funny, once you plant something in their heads, it’s really difficult to forget. We were still talking about this BEFORE this concert. This is difficult to come back from. Kendrick has made it impossible to forget. RIP," a fan tweeted.

Despite seemingly losing the rap battle, Drake has become the first artist to cross 100 billion streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, Lamar is far behind that category with almost 26 billion streams.

Kendrick Lamar performs Drake-feud finishing song for the first time at Juneteenth concert

Kendrick Lamar performed the final punch song of his feud with Drake for the first time at his Juneteenth concert "The Pop Out: Ken & Friends." The event happened in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The song's name is "Not Like Us."

The song "Not Like Us" ranks No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is likely the most successful of the songs released during the feud. Lamar performed the track five separate times. He was joined on stage the fourth and fifth time by many stars including NBA stars like Russell Westbrook and DeMar DeRozan.

Lamar opened his set at the concert with his Drake diss track "Euphoria," featuring a new verse.

“Give me Tupac’s ring back and I might give you a little respect,” Lamar rapped.

Lamar was referring to a ring previously owned by the late Tupac Shakur. Drake bought that ring as an undisclosed buyer at an auction.

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