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Derrick Rose stays in touch with the Cavs during self-imposed exile

396   //    28 Nov 2017, 06:55 IST

Derrick Rose to stay in touch with the Cavs front office

What's the story?

The future of the Cleveland Cavaliers' guard Derrick Rose remains uncertain, but according to ESPN league sources, he has decided to stay in touch with the Cavaliers front office during this self-imposed exile while rehabbing for his ankle.

In case you didn't know...

The Chicago Bulls selected Derrick Rose with the number 1 pick in the 2008 NBA draft. He was the 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player (the youngest ever) and is a three-time NBA All-Star.

The heart of the matter...

Rose rolled his ankle as he landed awkwardly on Oct 20 following a flagrant foul committed by the former Milwaukee Bucks big man Greg Monroe. He left the Cavaliers on Wednesday and has already missed 12 of the Cavs' 19 games this season due to the sprained ankle. Coach Lue said that Rose will be out "at least" for the next two weeks due to an ankle injury. The Cavaliers put him in a walking boot to assuage the pressure on his left foot.

His increasing frustration and the mental toll due to the continuous injuries have reduced the production of the youngest Most Valuable Player in NBA history and made him contemplate whether he wants to work towards returning from his injuries or even if he wants to continue his NBA career.

Rose joined the Cavaliers this season on a one year, $2.1 million veteran's minimum year. Till now the Cavs have been patient with Rose's needs and have shown no propensity towards suspension or reducing his salary.

This situation is similar to when Rose was fined last year by the New York Knicks as he went missing on game day without any permission from the organization. He later apologized to his teammates when he returned on the next day. The Cavaliers though feel that the situation is different as he is not an active player and he had already communicated with the franchise at the start of his leave.

The Cavaliers would be hoping that the All-Star guard Isiah Thomas make his debut sometime in December as he is steadily increasing the intensity of his rehabilitation and workouts. Isiah suffered a season-ending hip injury during the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

What's next?

The Cleveland Cavaliers (12-7) are on a 7-game winning streak and would like to continue to rack up wins as they face the Philadelphia 76ers(11-7) for the first time this season on Monday.

Author's take

It's a real shame that players of the caliber of Derrick Rose have to endure such continuous injuries that lead them to have such short and unsuccessful careers than what their talent demands.

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