"Doc Rivers Twitter got hacked by Dwight Howard", "Makes better adjustments on Twitter than he does in-game" - Fans send in hilarious reactions to reports of Doc Rivers' Twitter account getting hacked

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Doc Rivers was involved in a Twitter controversy (Image via Getty Images)

Doc Rivers has been an NBA head coach for more than two decades. He won it all with the Boston Celtics in 2008 and is currently with the Philadelphia 76ers. Unfortunately, the coach has gotten involved in a Twitter controversy.

It came to light that Rivers' Twitter account had a strange history of liked tweets. The head coach supposedly liked some sexual content on the social media platform, believing that his likes were private.

Basketball fans from all around the world had a field day when this news broke, but Doc Rivers claims that his account was hacked. This sounds like a simple explanation, but it's also a simple excuse that will help him avoid any responsibility.

Doc Rivers and the controversy with his Twitter account

NBA fans were in disbelief when they found out that Doc Rivers liked sexually explicit content on Twitter. This wasn't just regular content as it involved some fetishes, which made the situation even more awkward for the head coach.

When Rivers' liked tweets went viral, many fans knew what the next move was. They believed that Doc Rivers would claim that his account was hacked, and this is exactly what happened.

Doc Rivers going absolutely crazy on Twitter this summer.

Rivers' Twitter activity has been very unusual, so it makes sense to claim he was hacked. Shortly after NBA fans started making fun of the 76ers head coach, multiple reports came out claiming he wasn't in control of the account.

According to these reports, the Sixers were able to remove the likes from his account and were working on securing his account. Rivers found out about the incident from his friend, which is how the entire process of account recovery began.

Apparently, the team was struggling to reset the password of the account, but the situation should be fine now.

NBA fans react to the news

Doc Rivers claims that his Twitter account was hacked, but NBA fans didn't buy the story. Many still believe that the coach liked those tweets, which makes the situation quite awkward.

One Twitter user pointed out how no one really knows whether Rivers liked those tweets or not. He may have done it himself and blamed it on hackers when he was caught, which is a likely scenario. However, no one knows for sure what happened.

Doc Rivers hacker did a phenomenal jobYou can't tell if he's truly hacked or not

Other Twitter users also didn't believe that hacking was involved in this Twitter controversy.

@JClarkNBCS LMAO yeah “hacked”

Some fans didn't mind the content Doc Rivers liked. They simply wanted him to do a goob job with the Philadelphia 76ers and help the team win a championship next season.

@JClarkNBCS Glenn likes what he likes. No judgement here. Just win us a chip

Twitter users have also posted numerous memes regarding the situation the Sixers coach found himself in.

Doc Rivers twitter likes.
Doc Rivers at the Sixers facility tomorrow trying to act like those likes weren’t him and that it was someone that hacked his account
Doc Rivers can’t even say that he got hacked because there’s a gap in days of the same kinda shit that got liked.

A few years ago, there were reports of Dwight Howard having unusual sexual fetishes, which is why one Twitter user made a joke about the center hacking Rivers' account.

Doc Rivers twitter got hacked by Dwight Howard

Several tweets involved quite a few other NBA players, including Austin Rivers, Doc's son, and James Harden. Some users even made fun of his coaching.

Doc Rivers waking up Austin Rivers to fix his twitter
James Harden showing Doc Rivers how to bookmark porn videos on Twitter instead of liking them:
Doc Rivers unliked those tweets with the quickness, bro makes better adjustments on Twitter than he does in-game.

It is unlikely that we will ever find out what exactly happened on Doc Rivers' Twitter account. But at least we got some funny tweets and memes out of the entire situation.

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