Fans wild out as JiDion holds up picture of Lana Rhoades’ baby in front of Blake Griffin to troll him on baby daddy rumors

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls
Blake Griffin (Boston Celtics vs. Chicago Bulls).

NBA veteran Blake Griffin has landed himself in the headlines for things unrelated to basketball over the past few months. Former adult film star Lana Rhoades revealed on a podcast last year that she was having a fling with a Brooklyn Nets star, who at the time remained nameless. She did drop a revealing hint about who the player could be.

Although no names were given, many began to speculate that the Nets player was Kevin Durant after Rhoades revealed the player's astrological sign. According to the former adult film star, the Nets player in question was a Libra. After online detectives went to work, the only possible player that could have been was former MVP Kevin Durant. It seemed the mystery was solved, until this year.

In October, Rhoades made a public appearance with her newborn son, who many noticed looked incredibly similar to Blake Griffin as a baby. Add on to that, Rhoades accusing the unnamed father of kicking her to the curb and the plot undoubtedly thickened.

As many have pointed out, Blake Griffin has been dragged through the media previously for child support money.

In 2018, Griffin was in the middle of a custody dispute after his ex-fiancee accused him of offering no support to her and their two kids. She alleged at the time that Griffin moved on to Kendall Jenner, leaving her and their kids behind.

During a recent game, YouTuber JiDion brought a photo of Griffin and Rhoades' baby while he was sitting courtside. Unsurprisingly, the trolling quickly began to make the rounds on social media as fans weighed in.

This Youtuber bought courtside tickets just to troll on Jayson Tatum and Blake Griffin 💀
@NBAMemes Kid looks more like Ben Simmons
@NBAMemes Idk who needs to hear this but this dude is not nor has ever been funny and if you think he's funny you're probably 12 yrs old
@NBAMemes how is it "trolling" to show a player a picture of his infant son
@NBAMemes That definitely is Blake’s baby tho
Dude tries too hard to be funny to me lol shit low key annoying…
Playing with people kids ain’t never funny…
And he would’ve got his head punched in…

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Who is JiDion and what is his connection to Blake Griffin?

Blake Griffin (TOUR Championship - Round Three).
Blake Griffin (TOUR Championship - Round Three).

YouTuber JiDion has continued to make waves over the years for his prank videos that have continued to divide the internet. While many find his antics funny, others feel as though he's being a nuisance. Such was the case at Wimbledon 2022, when the YouTuber donned all-white tennis attire before attending the Grand Slam.

The YouTuber and his team sneaked in an airhorn, which he used several times during a match on center court. The move enraged tennis fans, given that spectators at tennis matches are expected to remain silent during play. After repeatedly standing up and making noises during Jannik Sinner's match, he blew the airhorn.

After being warned against using it, he was eventually kicked out of the event. It marked arguably the biggest scandal throughout the YouTuber's career given that the story made national headlines.

From the looks of things, JiDion and Blake Griffin haven't had any interactions beyond the recent trolling. Given that it seems as though the stunt was nothing personal, it was yet another bit for one of the controversial YouTuber's videos. Below you can see footage of JiDion being removed from Wimbeldon after using an air horn. He produces the air horn shortly before the 2:30 mark.


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