FIBA World Cup 2023 final classification and standings

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Germany wins gold in the FIBA World Cup 2023

Germany ended a historic FIBA World Cup 2023 campaign after clinching its first-ever gold medal following its 83-77 win over Serbia on Sunday night.

Under the leadership of Toronto Raptors guard Dennis Schroder, Germany remained unbeaten throughout the tournament.

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Serbia had narrowed the margin to just three points with less than a minute remaining, but their hopes were dashed due to a crucial turnover by Marko Gudurić and some clutch plays by Schroder.

Serbia secured the silver medal, while Canada managed to edge out the USA in overtime to claim the bronze medal.

USA's defeat relegated them to fourth place in the standings, with Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Italy trailing behind in that order.

Here are the final FIBA World Cup standings:

  1. Germany (ticket to Olympics)
  2. Serbia (ticket to Olympics)
  3. Canada (ticket to Olympics)
  4. USA (ticket to Olympics)
  5. Latvia (ticket to OQT)
  6. Lithuania (ticket to OQT)
  7. Slovenia (ticket to OQT)
  8. Italy (ticket to OQT)
  9. Spain (ticket to OQT)
  10. Australia (ticket to Olympics)
  11. Montenegro (ticket to OQT)
  12. Puerto Rico (ticket to OQT)
  13. Brazil (ticket to OQT)
  14. Dominican Republic (ticket to OQT)
  15. Greece (ticket to OQT)
  16. Georgia (ticket to OQT)
  17. South Sudan (ticket to Olympics)
  18. France (automatic Olympic berth as host nation)
  19. Japan (ticket to Olympics)
  20. Egypt (ticket to OQT)
  21. Finland (ticket to OQT)
  22. New Zealand (ticket to OQT)
  23. Lebanon (ticket to OQT)
  24. Philippines (ticket to OQT)
  25. Mexico (ticket to OQT)
  26. Angola (ticket to OQT)
  27. Ivory Coast (ticket to OQT)
  28. Cape Verde
  29. China
  30. Venezuela
  31. Iran
  32. Jordan

What’s next after the FIBA World Cup?

The World Cup serves as a direct pathway to the Olympics. Seven teams will secure Olympic berths through the World Cup: the top two teams from the Americas, the top two teams from Europe, and the leading teams from Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Australia (representing Oceania), South Sudan (representing Africa), and Japan (representing Asia) emerged as champions in their respective continents, earning their spots in the 12-team Olympic competition alongside host France.

For World Cup teams that did not secure automatic Olympic qualification for Paris, there is one final opportunity through the Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT).

According to FIBA, the next highest-ranked teams from the Americas, Africa, and Asia-Oceania after the initial eight Olympic qualifiers will advance to the OQT, along with the next 16 best-performing teams from the World Cup.

In total, 24 teams will participate in the OQT, and they will be divided into four OQT groups. The winners of these groups will earn their tickets to compete in Paris.

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Edited by S Chowdhury
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