“I’m legitimately cackling like an idiot, “Celtics ruined the Nets with that sweep”, “Ben Simmons about to have his own team”, “This could get ugly… Fast”- Fans mercilessly troll the Brooklyn Nets as Kevin Durant considers his options for the future

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets

The news of Kevin Durant considering his future with the Brooklyn Nets has sent the NBA community into a frenzy. The Athletic's Shams Charania made the report, and social media has been buzzing ever since.

Sources: Kevin Durant is monitoring the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considering options with his future.This now opens the path for Kyrie Irving to proceed on finding a new home via opt-in and trade.

The NBA offseason always produces some of the biggest surprises, and this promises to be no different. Durant, who was brought in to lead the Nets to a championship, might be on his way out.

Things have gone downhill for the Nets since James Harden's departure on deadline day in February. The All-Star guard was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons, who never played for Brooklyn.

The Nets' season ended in a disappointing first-round sweep by the Boston Celtics.

Negotiations have not gone well with Kyrie Irving, which could be one of the reasons Durant is considering a move. His decision to join the Nets in the 2019 offseason was to partner with Irving.

Fans have mercilessly trolled the Nets with news of Durant considering his future. Two seasons ago, they looked like the favorites to win the championship but might be considering a rebuild with how things are shaping up.

Many have made jokes about Simmons having his team, while others have blamed their breakdown on the humiliating loss to the Celtics.

I'm legitimately cackling like an idiot.
@ShamsCharania Ben Simmons about to have his own team 😂
@ShamsCharania How did the Nets fumble so hard I though they was gonna make a finals within the next 3 years.. ig now Ben Simmons and Joe Harris will have to turn into Steph and Klay or sum 😭
@ShamsCharania The Nets full team when the season starts
@ShamsCharania Celtics ruined the Nets with that sweep
@ShamsCharania Things breaking down in Brooklyn could kd leave
Did the Nets win the Celtics trade?MY COLUMN:
@ShamsCharania Sounds like the end of Houston run with Harden & Russ. They both were unhappy there but I don't know if playing together, when You won't succeed, helps Your brotherhood ; )On downside it's another part that owners will want to look at with next CBA negotiation.
@ShamsCharania this franchise is cooked, move it to seattle
@ShamsCharania KD lead a team to a chip challenge (impossible)
Just a heads up: the Rockets own every Nets first-round pick/right to their pick until 2027…This could get ugly… fast.
What if I told you this single moment would change the entire landscape of the NBA…
How close are we to a Ben Simmons trade demand
Could Kevin Durant be on the move this offseason?! The NBA is insane, man.
The NBA offseason NEVER disappoints. Best drama on TV!
I have a question I might get flamed for but...Why would the Nets want Russell Westbrook AND Ben Simmons on the same team with Kevin Durant, given what we just saw?
There is at least a possibility the Nets could, incredibly, find themselves in the same situation they were after the Pierce/KG trade a decade ago, with their title hopes dashed and forced to rebuild … without their own draft picks.

In the eyes of others, we could see a championship-swinging trade, if indeed KD requests to be traded.

If Kevin Durant officially hits the trade market, oh boy. Could see a championship-swinging trade go down.

Meanwhile, Irving, who has made it clear he wants to play with KD, can comfortably search for a new home. There have been reports that he has contacted LeBron James for an opportunity to run it back.

Kyrie Irving has had some recent contact with LeBron James to discuss a potential reunion, via @TheSteinLine 👀😳

Kevin Durant failed to lead the Brooklyn Nets to a deep playoff run in two attempts

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets drives as Jayson Tatum of the Brooklyn Nets defends
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets drives as Jayson Tatum of the Brooklyn Nets defends

Durant has failed to get past the Eastern Conference semifinals since joining the Nets in 2019. Although he missed the entire 2019-20 season due to an Achilles tendon injury, his attempt to lead the team to glory has failed twice.

In 2021, the Nets lost Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals to the Milwaukee Bucks, who went on to become champions. Last season, the Celtics stifled Durant and the Nets, winning four straight to send the Nets home.

The All-Star forward is heading into the first year of his four-year contract extension with the Nets. He is expected to stay with the team until 2026, but there is a chance he might not.

As a Net, Durant has played 90 games and averaged 28.7 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game while shooting 52.5%.

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