Interview with Paul Crane: The man who has spent 38 years as a sports reporter

Paul Crane UBA United Basketball Alliance
Paul Crane is one of the commentators for the ongoing UBA Professional Basketball League
Joe Williams

The combination of desiring something with inextinguishable intensity — which begins with letting your life speak and daring to listen, and pursuing it with steadfast doggedness is perhaps the single common thread in the lives of those who want to fulfil their dreams.

Paul Crane is one of those who is living his childhood dream, has spent 38 years as a sportscaster and sports reporter, which he always wanted to be as a child.

Paul Crane is here in Pune as one of the commentators for the ongoing UBA Professional Basketball League’s second edition, in Pune. Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, expect more than others think is possible. This has been the philosophy of a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire, United States.

From the simple tape recorder in 1983 to the head gears in front of the camera, the father of three Paul has lived his childhood dream, to become a commentator and today it has been over 38 years since he became a commentator.

It all started when Paul was in school and he would take a tape recorder and comment on the school baseball match, and he would listen to the commentary later in the day. He would share with his friends the same. And for him, his friends did not make a mockery of commentary, but would applaud him.

“I have friends who always thought that everyone can fulfil their dreams, and that has what motivated me. I always thank my friends who always stood by me,” said Paul while taking a break from the commentary during the ongoing UBA Professional Basketball League, phase two of the championship in Pune.

To get something one has to sacrifice, and that is the other name of Paul, as his travelling has always kept him away from his family. “I am a father of three kids and married to Marie for 33 years. She has been very supportive always,” said Paul.

But one thing he will never miss, Christmas. In the last over three decades of his profession, he has missed one Christmas, that was in the year 1989, but I have missed all the thanksgiving day and New Years as on this day all the important games were played”.

Paul was lucky to have interviewed his idol Mickey Mantle among others. “I did have the privilege of interviewing Mickey several times and we developed a very good relationship. I got to play golf with him and we even did charity work together. One of my fondest memories is having Mickey call me at my home in Atlanta,” said Paul.

Paul is of the opinion that education is a must but internship is equally important. "A degree is a necessity, but internships that allow for hands-on experience is what will make or break a career".

“Young people early in their careers need to remember, no one hiring for any opening cares about what the job will do for you, the only thing they care about is what hiring you will do for them," is his piece of advice.

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