It was always my dream to play in the NBA: Amjyot Singh Gill

Amjyot Singh Gill was the 1st Indian to be selected in the NBA G League draft.
Amjyot Singh Gill was the 1st Indian to be selected in the NBA G League draft.

India's basketball star Amjyot Singh Gill revealed that he always dreamed of playing in the NBA. The Chandigarh-based player spoke about his transition from Japan to the USA and the challenges during that period.

In a live chat with Afreen Khan on Sportskeeda's Facebook page, Amjyot Singh Gill talked about several interesting topics. He spoke about how his parents backed him to pursue his dream and gave insight into his journey in professional basketball.

Singh also mentioned that he was shocked when he saw professional basketball on the court for the first time.

I received a big shock when I saw professional basketball for the first time: Amjyot Singh Gill

Amjyot Singh Gill played for Tokyo Excellence in Japan
Amjyot Singh Gill played for Tokyo Excellence in Japan

When asked about his experience of playing outside India, Amjyot Singh Gill replied:

"Japan was obviously a big shock for me because I had never seen professional basketball before that. I was very shocked after seeing the different format."

He stated that he never knew he could earn decent money by playing in leagues. Gill mentioned that being a part of NBDL in Japan was exciting because the players received a lot of media attention. Also, the long season helped him sharpen his skills.

Talking about his NBA G League experience, Amjyot continued:

"The G League is very close to my heart because it was always my dream to play in the NBA. The first year I went there, I was in the best shape of my life. I went there after reaching the finals of the 3-on-3 World Cup, so I was very sure that I would get selected, but I didn't get selected that year."
"I was very devastated that, 'What are the things that I couldn't do, which I can do better in the future.' So, I went like two months before to practice in the US."

Gill then showed the pet dog that he had adopted in America. He concluded with the following statement:

"It was very exciting for me for the second year. I could see it was a complete different game. The court was bigger, the 3-pointer was bigger, the time duration was much more. There were a lot of rules which were different from the FIBA Basketball. So, it was a learning experience for me because for like two months, I was trying to adapt to all these things. When I got selected by the Oklahoma City, I was very thankful and grateful to God that I got this opportunity and I could represent my country as such a big stage."

Oklahoma City had waived Amjyot Singh Gill off in March 2018, but they signed him only five days later. Last year, he became a part of Wisconsin Herd before he got a three-year ban for being a part of a brawl during a training camp.

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