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Iverson Had Gambling & Alcohol Problems

1.05K   //    09 Mar 2010, 09:04 IST

Allen Iverson has been around alcohol and gambling problems for much of his NBA career, it has been reported. Also, with Iverson out for the rest of the season with his ill daughter, he might go into more gambling and drinking problems. Nothing has gone well for Iverson. He is also going through a divorce with his wife!

Iverson has been dealing with many family problems throughout the year. For me, this has been very sad. Iverson is one of my favorite players and has been dominant for so long during the last decade. Now here he is receiving all this!

There might be only one guy that can fix A.I.: John Thompson, Iverson’s Georgetown coach.

Allen Iversion

Allen Iversion

“[Thompson] is the one guy who’ll have a chance of slowing this train wreck down, who could wrap his arms around Iverson and have an impact, because clearly it has not been done,” John Chaney, Temple University’s basketball coach said. “But there’s still this one question: Will [Iverson] listen?”

I hope all goes good for Iverson. This all has been tragic.

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