Kia NBA MVP Race: Latest MVP ladder and power rankings feat. Jayson Tatum, Nikola Jokic and more | Jan. 20, 2022-23 NBA Season

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics
Jayson Tatum finishes as first in this week's NBA MVP Rankings.

The NBA MVP race for this season is wide open, mad and has several players competing, from Stephen Curry and DeMar DeRozan to Joel Embiid to the magical Luka Doncic. Nikola Jokic, of course, has continued at the No. 1 spot as far as the bookies' odds are concerned for several weeks.

The last few matches in the NBA have produced some epic performances that have led to a considerable shakeup in our NBA MVP Power rankings for this week. Without further ado, we look at the top-five favorites for the NBA MVP award for the 2023 season, according to the latest odds, form and results.

#5 - Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

Previous week's MVP ranking: NA

Last Week: Games played - 4, Games won - 4, Games lost - 0

Overall: Games played - 34, Games won - 29, Games lost - 16

Overall: PPG – 33.6, RPG – 9.8, APG – 4.2, SPG - 1, BPG – 1.7

Joel Embiid: β€œIt’s funny when you’ve got these old guys always talking about posting up, 'you need to spend time in the paint,' and all that stuff. You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the fricking 90s or 80s like it used to be. So, they must not have any basketball IQ.”

Philadelphia 76ers fans have plenty of reason to celebrate and hope for a potential title charge this season. Harden has found form, while Joel Embiid looks like he will not lose it until the end of the campaign.

The last four games have produced four wins, with Embiid starring in all of them. This includes a 41-point bombardment against the LA Clippers and a 35-point display against the LA Lakers.

Embiid scored 30 against the Utah Jazz and 35 against the Trail Blazers in the latest victory. If Embiid keeps this up, he will be much higher in the coming weeks.

#2 - Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Previous week's MVP ranking: NA

Last Week: Games played - 4, Games won - 2, Games lost - 2

Overall: Games played - 31, Games won - 22, Games lost - 9

Overall: PPG – 29.3, RPG – 6.3, APG – 6.4, SPG - 1, BPG – 0.4

Stephen Curry 😍

Not too many NBA Power Rankings are complete without Stephen Curry. The fact that the Warriors ace was not included last time around meant that he was going to produce some big games soon, and he has.

Curry won the game for the Warriors against the Washington Wizards. He scored 41 points on a night and only had Jordan Poole for offensive support.

The likes of Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have had issues this season, which is down to their age and a slow decline. However, Curry remains adamant and has been the driving force behind the Warriors' playoff bid this campaign.

#3 - Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

Previous week's MVP ranking: 2 (-1)

Last Week: Games played - 3, Games won - 0, Games lost - 3

Overall: Games played - 41, Games won - 23, Games lost - 18

Overall: PPG – 33.7, RPG – 8.8, APG – 8.8, SPG – 1.6, BPG – 0.6

Despite having a dominant game so far, Luka Doncic is getting a little irritated with Jeremy Sochan

Luka Doncic has lost all three games he played in during the last week and was unavailable with an injury in the loss against the Portland Trail Blazers. And yet, he slots in at No. 3 simply due to the magical, record-breaking season that he is having thus far.

Doncic broke multiple records, is in prime form and intent on forcing the Mavericks to make signings before the end of the transfer deadline. The Dallas Mavericks are not that far away from being proper title contenders, and Doncic is not that far away from landing his first NBA MVP award.

#2 - Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets

Previous week's MVP ranking: 1 (-1)

Last Week: Games played - 3, Games won - 3, Games lost - 0

Overall: Games played - 41, Games won - 32, Games lost - 9

Overall: PPG – 25.1, RPG – 11, APG – 9.9, SPG – 1.4, BPG – 0.6

30-point triple-double on 90% shooting in NBA history:⭐ Nikola Jokic tonight⭐ Nikola Jokic on Oct. 20, 2018⭐ Wilt Chamberlain on Feb. 24, 1967⭐ Wilt Chamberlain on Feb. 17, 1966

Nikola Jokic is the bookies' favorite for the NBA MVP award this season. He is making history at his franchise and is the sole reason the Denver Nuggets have the Western Conference top spot. Jokic produced a 17-point game against the Orlando Magic and then returned to form with two big displays.

He was unavailable for the victory against the LA Clippers. The slight drop and Jayson Tatum's maddening form are why he is only No. 2 on this list.

#1 - Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics

Previous week's MVP ranking: 2 (+1)

Last Week: Games played - 3, Games won - 3, Games lost - 2

Overall: Games played - 41, Games won - 34, Games lost - 7

Overall: PPG – 31.2, RPG – 8.5, APG – 4.3, SPG - 1, BPG – 0.4

β˜˜οΈβ€™s fans I really rock with y’all lol hope feeling is mutual πŸ€πŸ€žπŸ½β€¦ last night was a blast

Jayson Tatum is in frightening form for the time being. He has scored almost 40 points per game in the last three matches and won each of them for his team. Tatum looks highly driven this season and has helped his team to the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

If the Boston Celtics can take their form to the post-season, they will be legitimate title contenders after several years.

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