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Klay Thompson's ANTA KT 4 vs Irving's Nike Kyrie 4: Sneakers analysed

Nike Kyrie 4 vs Anta KT 4
Nike Kyrie 4 vs Anta KT 4
Modified 02 Nov 2018

With a lot of companies entering the basketball sneaker market, basketball players and fans have become full of options and choices. Today, sneakers for every type of player demands are available - but the selection process has become an increasingly tough one.

I personally love Kyrie's Nike range because I am a fan of Kyrie Irving. But will I decide to go for Kyrie 3 or Kyrie 4? No, because they are not suited to my playing style.

Pair of Kyrie 4
Pair of Kyrie 4's being modelled

Different people have varying choices when it comes to selecting the shoe for themselves - comfort and performance are the two main factors which a person looks for in a basketball shoe.

Last year I gave you the list of 2017's 8 best sneakers. This year though, I will do further research before providing you with an improved list for the 2018 range by the year's end. For now though, I am bringing the performance comparison between the Anta KT 4 and the Kyrie 4.


The Kyrie 4's take some time to break in. These work amazingly on both clean and dusty courts and naturally, the traction is highly responsive. However, these are very soft and are not very durable on the outdoor courts.

The KT 4's meanwhile, are ready to go from the minute they are opened from the box. They pick up dust pretty quickly, which can prove problematic in dusty surroundings. For the outdoor courts, KT 4's are better because the rubber material is both very hard and resistant.

Anta KT 4 (Image source: fullerob)
Anta KT 4 (Image source:


Kyrie 4's use cushion, which is incredible. The impact protection provided is amazing and so is the court feel. Zoom air unit on the heel is an additional advantage for the players that can tend to overuse their heel.

Meanwhile, KT 4s' cushion stands up to the level of Kyrie 4's. These too have an impressive impact protection but crucially, lack a little in terms of the heel as there is too much heel compression involved.


The material used to make the Kyrie 4's is of high-quality, unsurprisingly. It makes the shoes very light on your feet to wear and doesn't feel cheap or easily susceptible to long-term damage, even if it's not a premium material.

Kyrie 4
Kyrie 4

The material used in the KT 4 is better than its predecessor - the KT 3. The knit is of premium quality and gives an amazing feel on the court, so definitely have a small edge over Kyrie in terms of the material here.

Overall fit


Kyrie 4 fits true to size and is very comfortable. With both support and lockdown impressive, it's something you would come to expect from a shoe made for Kyrie Irving. Lacing is traditional.

Meanwhile, the KT 4's are also a true to size fit. They lock down the foot in place while allowing it to move freely. Despite a knitted build, the support provided is great - making this an easy to wear model.

Anta KT 4
Anta KT 4

Final verdict and winner

Lighter, more responsive, better traction and also more supportive - the Kyrie 4's are definitely the winners from a performance standpoint.

That's not to say the KT 4's are not good - they are - but they only real edge they earn over Kyrie in this battle is one of comfort, which is an important factor but crucially not the most important when choosing which model to buy.

Published 02 Nov 2018, 02:17 IST
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