Kobe Bryant - Man for all seasons


The Phenomenon

Kobe Bean Bryant. The Black Mamba. KB - 24. Mr. 81. Call him what you want. The man is a living legend. A source of inspiration to millions and a role model to countless more. A teenage sensation, best new player, best player at his prime...and what not! He's a man of many titles, but still so humble.

One time NBA MVP, two time NBA Finals MVP, five time NBA champion, sixteen time All-Star, twelve time All Defensive Team, 1997 NBA Rookie Of The Year, 1997 Slam Dunk contest winner, four time All Star MVP, ranked fourth on all time scorers' list. And he's played 19 seasons in the NBA. Records any player would give anything to have.

Kobe Bryant with all his trophies

What makes him great?

Despite that, he has the perpetual hunger for points and the undying desire to win, succeed, and be the best player that ever was. What amazes me and even more impresses me that he has already achieved all of that and still has not a trace of vanity or self-admiration. One of his qualities really stands out for me. The Mamba had the same amount of talent as every other player. But he became what he is today by spending countless hours on the court; doing rigorous drills, sweating out in the gym, taking innumerable shots; falling down, getting up, falling down, getting up, falling down, getting up..He pushes his body to the brink, always trying to derive the last ounce of energy, the last drip of sweat off his brow, the last little push that separates the β€œgood” from the β€œgreat”. All the traits of a true champion.


Mr. Bryant is a beast to say the least. It is a herculean task to score 81 points in a game. 65 in the second half(he outscored his opponent team). unbelievable! The fire in his eyes and his "hell-bent-to-win" attitude makes his opponents flinch sometimes! The way he pounces on the ball, takes the buzzer-beater with 2 seconds left, hits it and still remains cool as a cucumber. My word. "If you're afraid to fail, then you're probably going to fail." --Kobe. Makes me want to do all that I wanted to but did not, for fear of failing or being a laughing stock. He inspires me to never give up, having himself faced two career-ending injuries.....and coming back stronger and more determined than before.

Everyone loves him

He has multi-million deals with leading brands in the world. Has dozens of training camps and facilities. He is the apple of the eye of his team-mates, coaches and the media! Even the opponents love and admire him. Still not a shred of pride. He really inspires to appreciate what you have and never compare with others. He has a way with youngsters especially. Always letting them shoot a three pointer over him, allowing them to nutmeg him or cross him over. Such humility! That's what made me like him instead of other players. He is also a great mentor. He guides young avid ballers to make them better players, but better human beings first.

Bryant Family photo

He is a great family guy. Despite his hectic playing schedule, he doesn't ignore his duties as a husband, a father and a son. He makes sure he's always there for them as he's always there for his team!


An inspiration

He celebrates his victories, takes the blame for losses, never brags about his achievements, never loses his cool on or off the court, and more importantly, is a great learner. According to him, the day a player stops learning, he stops loving the game. This has provided me the impetus to listen to others' advice, but always take my own decisions. Knowledge is everywhere. It's your job to find the one that matters to you.

NBA has become synonymous with Kobe Bryant. Especially in Asia. It owes its popularity to the Mamba.synonymous with Kobe Bryant. Especially in Asia. It owes its popularity to the Mamba.

Everything comes to an end

The 36 year old never let his success go to his head, or his failure go to his heart. As he prepares for his last two years in the league, the world and more importantly I will prepare to bid farewell to one the greatest players of all time. He will soon sail into oblivion, and the phenomenon that was Kobe Bryant, will come to an end.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that's Kobe Bryant for y'all.

"Success means getting up just one more time than the number of times you fall".

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