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LaVar Ball is now beefing with Donald Trump

LaVar Ball says that the President had no hand in bailing out his son. Donald Trump not happy with the appreciation.

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LaVar Ball says Trump had no role in helping his son get free

What's the story?

LaVar Ball believes that the President Donald Trump had no hand in helping his son LiAangelo Ball get free.

In case you didn't know...

LiAngelo, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill were detained in China for reportedly shoplifting sunglasses at a mall during a recent team outing.

The heart of the matter...

LiAngelo Ball has shown his appreciation for Donald Trump for playing a role in bringing him back to America, but his father doesn't seem to have the same appreciation for the President.

"Who? What was he over there for? Don't tell me anything. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out." LaVar Ball tells ESPN's Arash Markazi when asked about the involvement of Trump.

The three UCLA students issued an apology on Wednesday after Trump tweeted earlier that day wondering whether he would receive any thank you or not. The players received bail on November 8th and since have been suspended by head coach Steve Alford.

"As long as my boy's back here, I'm fine," LaVar said "I'm happy with how things were handled. A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there. Like I told him, 'They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.'

"I'm from L.A. I've seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses. My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn't define him."

But Donald Trump is not very thrilled about the reaction is given by LaVar Ball for bailing out his son as shown in his tweet yesterday

What's next?

Since LiAngelo Ball has returned back to America, not much will unfold between Ball and Trump.The only thing that needs to be seen is how long the three UCLA students will remain in suspension.

Author's take...

LiAngelo Ball will undergo unnecessary scrutiny just because of his loud mouth father.

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