LeBron James turns pizza chef for a day in Los Angeles

Everyone had a good laugh after LeBron James signed off from the pizza joint.

On March 11th, James entered the popular pizza joint Blaze Pizza as a member of their crew. He played the role of “RON” and had a chat with all the customers while they were placing their orders. Watch the entire prank here:


We’re sure some of them eventually realized it was four-time League MVP LeBron James wearing an apron but certainly it was surprising to know so many of the customers, as shown in the video, couldn’t recognize him.

One of the customers even said that his face was similar to Dwyane, refering to Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade. In response, James jokingly says he gets that a lot

After a shock loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on their home floor on March 9th, the Cleveland Cavaliers were going to fly across the country for a four game West Coast road trip.

The trip had the team slated up agaisnt the Sacramento Kings (March 9th), Los Angeles Lakers (March 10th), Los Angeles Clippers (March 13th) and the Utah Jazz (March 14th). For any East coast team, the bright sunshine and palm trees of Los Angeles are a welcome sight so players had most certainly circled the calednar for this trip, given that they had an off-day in Los Angeles.

However having just suffered a loss they shouldn’t have, James addressed the team about this rodeo being only a business trip.

Indeed the team took heed of James’ message by sweeping both the Los Angeles team including a convincing 24 points win over the Clippers, however as they were about to fly back home they dropped the last game of the trip against the Utah Jazz.

Nonetheless, Los Angeles is a place players of all team’s decide to have some fun the Cavaliers did. On the other hand, their captain LeBron James had business to handle on the off-day.

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