NBA Rumors: Mitchell Robinson fires 5th agent amid reports of communication problems

Mitchell Robinson
Mitchell Robinson

Mitchell Robinson was the 36th pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Robinson became known for dropping out of Western Kentucky University to train on his own for a year before entering the draft. Robinson is the first player to succeed in such an act. In this round of NBA news, we will cover the talented New York Knick center, who is already on his sixth NBA agent.

NBA News: Mitchell Robinson enters the 20-21 NBA season on his sixth agent

Mitchell Robinson's previous agent was Rich Paul, the agent of Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Rich Paul had this to say about the 7-footer last spring:

“His growth comes with understanding how to play the game at this level" “It’s a lot of things to learn. Once he’s able to learn those things, he’ll then be in position to showcase other talents he has.’’

There is no question that Mitchell Robinson has the talent to be in the NBA, but he may not have the right attitude. It has been rumored by Robinson's previous agents that he is a bad communicator and that his family could be having a large influence. Maybe, his new agents Thad Foucher and Joe Smith with Wasserman will be able to help the young prospect in his soft skills.

Mitchell Robinson is entering his third NBA season with optimism. With his new agent group and the mentorship from his new teammate Nerlens Noel, Robinson is looking to be a starter this season.

Tom Thibodeau, the recently hired New York Knicks coach, is still not 100 percent sold on his third-year center. He was quoted saying the Robinson still has, “a long way to go.’’

Despite his coaches remarks, Robinson remains positive on the season and believes year three will be his best year yet:

“Oh man, Year 3, it’s going to be amazing,’’ Robinson said. “ Year 3 is just going to be, I feel like a better me, actually. Just work extra hard, help my teammates.’’

Let's just hope that Robinson can have a great season on the court and that the sixth time is the charm for his agents.

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