Most points in NBA history: Who can surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Making and breaking of history has always been a hot talking point in each and every sport. That is same for the NBA and especially about one of its most if not the most important stats, that is Most points scored in a career. Being seen as a scorer means that you’re one of the most dominant and prominent figures in the league.

Right now, the record for most points scored in a career belongs to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Who is widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time. In his illustrious career, he amassed 38,387 points on an average of 24.6 points per game. To add to such impressive numbers he has also won 6 MVPs which is an NBA record of its own and 5 NBA Championships.

Now, even thinking that anyone could match up to such impressive stats of Jabbar would be a folly. But, when it just comes to scoring, combined with some luck, there are three players who have some chance of breaking that record.

Let’s have a look at them.

#3 Devin Booker

Devin Booker is poised to become a superstar
Devin Booker is poised to become a superstar

Often being referred to as the next Kobe Bryant, Booker in his early career has been nothing short of spectacular. He’s averaging 20.1 points per contest and the 3rd youngest player to reach the 4,000 point mark, behind only to Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Now, that’s some pretty interesting company to be in.

He’s also a part of the 70 point or more club which is thought of as an elite category of shooters and scorers. Legends like Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor are a part of that club.

Plus the fact that he has achieved so much at only 22 years is scary. He is only going to improve from here and is probably going to become one of the greatest scorers of all time, if not the greatest.

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#2 Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Arguably the greatest scorer of our generation, Kevin Durant is the 2nd youngest to 4,000 points, 10,000 points and also 20,000 points. Trailing only one man in all the categories. We will get to that in a minute as well.

Now, Durant is averaging 27.2 points per game throughout his career and he has also won 4 scoring titles to solidify himself as a prominent scorer in the league. Adding to that he has also won an MVP and two Finals MVPs. He is also one of the purest scorers of all time having an effective FG% of 54. On top of that he is also one of the best free throw shooters there is which only increases his chances of scoring big numbers in every game he suits up in.

This season Durant has been averaging 29.1 points, in 27 games. If he keeps playing like this without suffering any injury or a setback then he's going to definitely contend for that prestigious title.

#1 LeBron James

LeBron James has his eyes set on the all-time scoring list
LeBron James has his eyes set on the all-time scoring list

I know, LeBron James is an all-around player. He is not a pure scorer. He doesn’t have a jump shot or an effective free throw. But he’s the same man to whom Kevin Durant and every other NBA player trail in almost every scoring category. From the fastest to 4,000 to 10,000, or fastest to 20,000. He’s the fastest in each of these categories. And last season only, he broke Kobe Bryant’s fastest to 30,000 points record as well.

The best thing about LeBron is his durability. He’s the fittest athlete in any sport. He takes care of his body better than anybody else and the evidence to that fact is that even at the age of 33 he’s bullying players 10 years younger than him.

Another very interesting fact in favor of LeBron is that he was younger than his ultimate competitor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he had reached the feet of 30,000 points. LeBron was of 33 years when he reached this feat while Abdul-Jabbar was of 36 years old when he reached this feat. That’s a huge 3 years advantage in LeBron’s favor.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the future unfolds and what history these three or any other NBA player is going to make.

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Edited by Shiven Sachdeva