"My dad told me if you're interested in anything, be the best at it" - Sanjana Ramesh, 2nd Indian girl ever to receive NCAA Division 1 scholarship

Sanjana Ramesh (left)
Sanjana Ramesh (left)
Evan Tiwari

The game of basketball has picked up in the country in recent years, with Indian youngsters finding their way to colleges in the USA on scholarships. Sanjana Ramesh is one such trailblazer; the Bengaluru girl is currently plying her trade for the Northern Arizona University and dreams to play in the WNBA.

In June 2017, basketball coaches of nearly 10 US colleges saw Sanjana Ramesh play at the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Asia camp, where she was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP). For any young Indian basketball player, this is perhaps the most tangible form of a dream come true.

Recently, Sportskeeda got an oppurtunity to catch up with the young starlet who revealed some fascinating facts about herself and shared some invaluable advice for Indian teenagers aspiring to get a basketball scholarship in the US.

Sanjana Ramesh reveals her favorite NBA and WNBA stars

Sanjana Ramesh
Sanjana Ramesh

Every young basketball player looks up to NBA and WNBA stars and hopes to emulate their favorite player's game or even work ethic. Both the NBA and WNBA have a multitude of stars who are adored and respected by millions of fans, and Sanjana Ramesh spilled the beans on who her favorites in the two competitions are:

"My favorite NBA player is LeBron James, always. WNBA players- it's between 3 people: it's Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, and I have been following a little bit of Emma Meesseman, she is from Washington Mystics. But, right now, it's Sue Bird, it always has been Sue Bird."

LeBron James and Sue Bird are very popular names among basketball fans and have dominated their respective leagues despite being in their late 30s. This attribute is something that can inspire every person, and no wonder, Sanjana Ramesh, who is an inspiration herself, is in awe of James and Bird.

The link to Sanjana Ramesh' college, Northern Arizona University's (NAU) schedule can be found here.

Sanjana Ramesh shares the best advice she has received during her journey to NCAA division 1

Sanjana Ramesh
Sanjana Ramesh

The journey from the basketball courts of Delhi Public School, Bangalore to playing NCAA division 1 for Northern Arizona University (NAU) has been an eventful one for Sanjana Ramesh.

It is natural that she has got a lot of sound advice along the way. Sanjana Ramesh revealed the best advice she has received till now in this regard.

"I think the best piece of advice I have received is from my dad. He told me, if you are interested in anything, be the best at it. It's something that stuck to me, I always challenged myself because of the advice he gave. And it's made me push through adversity as well."

Sanjana Ramesh elaborated further in this regard:

"If you wanna be the best in basketball, be in the top 5-7 on your team and have goals for yourself. It's interpreted in many different ways, but yeah that's the advice that has stuck with me. Be the best version of yourself."

When asked what advice she would like to give aspiring young Indian girls looking to emulate what she has done, the 19-year-old Sanjana Ramesh said:

" My advice is - just keep pushing through adversity. There are so many situations where you feel like giving up, not gonna lie. You are going to miss your parents, it is going to be very hard. Sometimes you are not going to understand what other people are saying, sometimes they are not going to understand you. Keep pushing through it and communicate. There are people who are ready to help you."

Sanjana Ramesh, currently in her sophomore year with Northern Arizona University, is all set to take another big step forward this year, as she plans to improve her overall game.

Here’s the link of the Big Sky Conference in which NAU plays.

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