NBA 2013-14: Predictions and analysis for season ending awards - Part 2

Yash Matange

Picking up from where I left off from Part 1 here is an analysis into the remaining individual season ending awards

Sixth Man of the Year (SMOY): Nick Young

Nick Young

Ever since Pop decided to bring Manu Ginobili off the bench, he has been a potential award winner in this category every year but this season was different for the Spur. Being over the age of 30 and dealing with length of the regular season has kept Manu out of action for 2-3 weeks in January with injuries.

Jamal Crawford actually is ahead of Young when it comes to points production off the bench but Young’s surprising reliable offense this season, stepping up for the slumping Los Angeles Lakers, might just get him the nod ahead of Crawford.

Despite having a knack of lifting shots one too many, Young also has a capability of scoring in bunches which many a time this season has taken the Lakers, a team decimated with injuries this season, to occasional wins.

His talent and skill could have earned him a starting spot but Coach Mike D’Antoni repeatedly pulled him into the game off the bench, putting his offensive spurts to good use for the team. Hired at the start of the season only as a back-up scorer for Kobe Bryant but riding on the back of his career Young now looks like one of the few the Lakers management want to see in purple and gold next year too.

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